Monday, February 22, 2010


I spent Saturday night in Times Square acting like a true tourist snapping shots of all the lights,buildings & billboards. I desperately needed to see Fela @ Eugene O'Neill theater. It was SPECTACULAR! I thoroughly enjoyed every beating moment.
(THE MESSAGE IN THE MUSIC) Yes I was alone not lonely but quite pleased with myself. My daughter is preparing to take her brother Khalil (my brat) to his first concert. I Purchased tickets to Jay-z March 12, 2010 @ Nassau Coliseum. I'm excited for them it is my son's thirteenth birthday. This weekend I am planning to blast into Baltimore just for the hell of it and spend time with my beauty. I really need to get away to finish my work on the book.

Peace & love
Green all the time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obassi Nsi

Category: Writing and Poetry
Obassi Nsi
Obassi osaw
God gave me u
Yoruba warrior
U promised 1 day we bathe nude in Niger
Tripping off chard
Drunk enough 2 believe in youth dreams
I stood beside u King
I the Queen
Beat a rhythm in my chest
On Djembe
I shall dance 4 u
In the deep night
I gather my flock and follow
Prophets who speak in tongues
thought 2 be language forgotten
U King understand
Eyes of fire
Brother of blood
King of fertility
I divine Queen housing yr seeds
Spring bloomed future generations 4 u
The time of the planter
Smell of myrrh
Vapors that wait 4 u and suffocate
In my house
Neighbors think we practice the voodoo
We might
Birth right from my Geechee grandpapa
Spinning verse like spider webs
Isolated into a space of their own
Drawstring venetians
Keeping the world from peeking
We perform love rites
I 4 u
U watched corner eyed
Until I was in front
Full belly
Naval protracted
Offering the tribe of Judah in a tomb of blood
Delivered jewels out the womb into yr arms
Obassi nsi
Obassi osaw

© 2009 Lepadah

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Weekend

This past weekend I spent checking real estate in Jersey. Also I squeezed in sometime with my sister and her family. Manage to stumble over what I consider the best Cabernet I've tasted from Italy "Ecco Domani" whoa! I love this wine so much I need a case in my collection. Trust I am not a big fan of red wine but this wine is excellent. Along with my wine a bought some French bread, pepper jack cheese and Prosciutto. A little bit of a splurge. I even crammed in alone time at Home Depot and my favorite spot B&N. I picked up a copy of Waxpoetics along with Ralph Ellison's book "Three Days before the shooting." @ work just finished some amazing Matzo ball soup from my favorite spot "T Bone" in Forest Hills. I make sure to stop in for MBS every week. Yep I'm addicted.

Peace love the skin you're in & keep the earth green.

Lepadah 2010