Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tavern (A Poem)

She photographed manikins
costume in gowns
pearl blues, opaque
Austin has caught her oracle

night roaming blocks
tavern complete
tinker bell barmaids
with pudgy Hungarian pitch
flit about press space

shouting men examine NCAA
chest tout universities
entertain milk dreams
guffaw at broken English

this is where everybody might know your name
or may not
each one figment of ones own imagination...

so there she sits
sipping another glass of wine
listening to liquid, liquid
lost in fermentation
dozy strobes emerald green

lighted man in black "dead poets"
pour me wine
brimming thin goblets
glass pipes; "get the doobie"

retire down spiral steps
to the next level
planet psychotropic trip

so sava over blowing blues harp
followiing "Like The Triplets From Belleville Rendez - Vous"
slaps back bodies to take note
his heptatonic scales
twist legs, tapping tootsies

bit spots Delphine Blue
attend to shocking
Red Parlour tattoo
till death do part

© 2011 Lepadah

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blues Of Qadesh

Blues Of Qadesh

He is the bogeyman
attempt penumbra of Qadesh
an ignus fatuus
struggle of Ghede

I vow to rest in his arms
unbreakable talisman

they're pregnant matinee
perishing nymphomaniacs
returning old women
misuse, used

relegate to endure alone
after passion burn
after the bogeyman
canonize intimacy

forever ... I vow

© 2011 Lepadah

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Fuck Yourself (Spoken Word)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Fuck Yourself (Spoken Word)

No words spoken
after edge of midnight
iphone light blinking

through slivers of sleepy eyes
turning head to moon
quiet the glimmer
pushing toes against
a bumpy ball of fuzzy hair
looped at the footboard
a kitty me... ow...

striking paw, pause foot
I dwell in nervous measures
beating witches
flipping through nightmares

skirting calls
pine coitus
phallus extract
for meager juice

accounts beseech
flagellate fucking
sweaty hair, stinking sink hole
it is not of love but of lust

scrolling messages
call him; "dick is full"
"hey you! call need a bj"
call him; "trolling fat cunts"

surprise! call him "I need you"
bleaching trivialities
entreat "I need you..."

yeah... I like that "I need you"
someone needs more than a screw
more than aphonic drivel

someone like you
needs to be
someone like me
someone like the poet
offering a passive listening ear
tinkering thoughts

hooking a purposeful pen
poison by callous authenticity
interesting lies luted

her cockeyed yarn
everlasting Atlantis
they're killing Quasimoto
only to resurrect, dissect
and bring him back to life
new adventures like Batman
later told

you are the return visit
she will come to see...

© 2011 Lepadah

Pussy Toes by Lepadah (Paperback):

Pussy Toes by Lepadah (Paperback):

Larry Goldbetter commented on your status...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:00 PM
From: Larry Goldbetter

"Lydia Elizabeth"

Larry Goldbetter commented on your status:

"Congrats. Let us know about the book party."

Monday, March 14, 2011

William Buckley interviews Huey Newton on Firing Line

Puzzle (A Poem)

Steel suitability
the liberated puzzle piece
neither rectangular, circle or triangle
geometrically wrong

never belonged
harken psalms
sung by you
urgency to collect parts
that of an ardent heart

invited solitaire
direction all points
sourcing new comfort

question ... "what bird flies the sky at night?"
one whose vision suffering myopia
allows night winds to hold its wings
guided instinct through shadows

"what bird is this?"
which allow her breast a spread
bruised by endless pain
to bravo many fail fall of flight

disturb flapping of native wings
breaking the timber thunderous sky
estranged madness
rustling a crowded nest
thrust her to flee

its episodic elements
rehearse the final flutter
question again ...
"now what bird flies the sky at night?"
no goat sucker ...
Yes! she is a whippoorwill
banish days; swallowing evenings

no longer conflicted
by the misfit
its awkward view
still climax a flight
far out of sight

© 2011 Lepadah

The Brothers Johnson (Strawberry Letter # 23)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye Lover (Spoken Word)

The obscure ticking of time
achieved behind bodies
amateurish contortionist

squandered an emotional basin
trounced by another

padding her pocketbook
one gold bracelet, an Afro Samurai dvd
biography of Elaine Brown
and ... that's about it!

looking around
standing bound by
a long sigh
several very deep, deep, deep hmm ...

the drinkable salute
no hard feelings
no regrets
just walk away with goodbye lover

from the melodies moonshine
the tender hands
it's grace; pleasant embrace
to be abandon

there would be no adventures
other than indoors
among themselves
no reservation at Iridium

no dancing at Roseland
Felix Hernandez rhythm review
or twirling within the majestic Cloisters
stitch walls of Unicorn tapestries
neither joviality of spring
or Sakura's debut

she will descend like the wind
from his life
from apartment 1B
sometime around three a.m.
entering a white Sedan

lost without words
deplete with no repeat
there would be no you , no I
no us because we never was

goodbye lover

© 2011 Lepadah