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Libyan Rebels vs Qaddafi who will profit from this uprise?

Remember people Libya is the 10th largest oil reserve of any country in the world and the 17th highest petroleum production as stated. Please people don't be tricked or bamboozled into news propaganda take heed and understand the properties involved with respect to England and the United States. Instigating conflict among us; people representing the indigenous those of African descent is the means to their end totaling economic greed. Please read beyond filtered news media offering images of chaos and uproar which thus requires intervention by outsider. An urgent plea to investigate your history. Are the rebels who have been squandering billions of dollars better for this government? Will there be major genocide in this country darker versus lighter Libyans as Rwandan genocide. Brothers against brothers. What justification is other insertion? Remember the real deal "Oil" and "Money." Peace will not occur through war. Never, never let an oppressor liberate you . . .

Peace 1 Lepadah

Thursday, September 22, 2011


we wept
a span international cupola
the fallow march
hour of authenticity
our abundant organ anchored to malady
enduring conservative refrain

toll bodily attempt to theorize
million teardrops lamented
endless emotion
a void of all comfort

killing fields, nameless graves
crimson robes formal executioner
behind dungeons walls
pentobarbital and potassium solution
mass appeals, denied no resolution

convulse essence monstrous siesta
plasma bubble rapine through muscles and membrane
immobilize eyes jerk obligate stiffness
coiling of breath
lethal injection moira of death

silenced cries

© 2011 Lepadah


was that a description of lethal injection? daaaaaaaaaamn

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adversity of Injustice

I can't express how heavy a heart this one man Troy Davis has at present. How can we justified an err of human error who will resurrect this human being once death has set? I wrote about Troy Davis years ago after Lena Baker; executed in the State of Georgia which is historically known for their lynching/execution to date. After the execution of Lena Baker in 1945 they waited 60 years to grant a full pardon by state of Georgia how massive a mistake to have taken her life. We are not Allah/Jehovah to serve as the executioner and the ultimate judge. Take into consideration the Central Park jogging case which imprisoned five innocent youth at the time was convicted and served years in prison for a crime they did not commit. Later after DNA confirmation were release. Think about the injustice serve in these misjudge cases. A final note to all "May God have mercy on all our souls." I am a weep over this man Troy Davis who will if not pardon will die tonight at the hands of injustice.

Peace Lepadah

Monday, September 19, 2011

Quit Bitching . . . Ortiz no head butting allowed.


Excerpt and commentary from Saturday night fight floyd Mayweather and Ortiz

As stated on Fight Controversial End to Mayweather and Ortiz fight.

It was Joe Cortez’s inept handling of the fight that readily provided the bizarre opportunity for Mayweather to KO a defenseless Ortiz. Mind you, Ortiz was defenseless by his own choosing, committing an amateur mistake against an all-time great. Mayweather, needless to say, took full advantage of the opportunity created by Joe Cortez’s mishandling of the fighters, as was his right under the rules and regulations of the sport of boxing. Perhaps a better question to add here is why shouldn’t Mayweather have used the opportunity presented to him by Cortez’s glaring error? Ortiz must shoulder the responsibility for his own knockout. He is a veteran prizefighter. He knows that the first rule of boxing is, “to protect yourself at all times.” Ortiz ignored at his own peril the words “protect” and “all times’ from the above mentioned adage, which led directly to his immediate destruction. What should Mayweather have done? Write a letter to Ortiz asking for permission to punch him?

The ugly and disappointing outcome to the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight is eerily reminiscent of a fight that took place 84 years ago between heavyweights Jack Dempsey and Jack Sharkey. During the 7th round, Dempsey hit Sharkey with a low blow. On his own accord, Sharkey dropped his hands and complained to the referee about Dempsey hitting him low. However, the ref had not stopped the fight, so Dempsey threw a left hook, which landed squarely on the point of Sharkey’s chin, knocking him cold before he hit the canvas. After the fight, when questioned about his actions, Dempsey said, “What was I supposed to do?, send him an engraved invitation to fight? This is boxing. You are supposed to protect yourself at all times!”

Midway through the 4th round, Ortiz had Mayweather pinned against the ropes in Floyd’s corner but he was unable to land any significant punches. Ortiz was throwing hard shots but very few were landing as Mayweather was once again employing his magnificent defensive technique, the shoulder roll, which he has mastered and turned into an art form.

Victor Ortiz grew visibly frustrated with his inability to land any power punches on Floyd. Boxing is the sport of controlled fury. Victor Ortiz was unable to control his anger and frustration in the 4th round and, as a result, he flagrantly fouled Floyd by jumping up and head-butting him in the face. This was an obvious and deliberate foul by Victor Ortiz. Referee Joe Cortez correctly stopped the action momentarily and deducted a point from “Vicious” Victor Ortiz.

"Always protect yourself. It's the first rule of boxing. And one that Victor Ortiz picked the wrong time to forget Saturday against Floyd Mayweather," Graham said.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing Mr. . . Phantasm


Mr. . . Phantasm by Lepadah Spokenword

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing Mr. . . Phantasm
measuring his steps into afternoon
suited in entertaining regalia
the ruler a star be latent

narrow leather trousers
blouse sendal fleck simulated jewels
quarter length cape in red
but of course . . . befitting his majesty

taps at bottom of gold tipped "Mission"
dwellers gawking
a flurry of expletives he fired
anlace pupils over bifocals

smoke billowing out nostrils
ring arrogance
propel dance; his walk
methodic direction

a courtyard show
stance an elevated hip
down shift. slight skip tilting to the light
a piano key limp

up and down; up and down on his way
125th street
"Amateur Night at the Apollo"
he's gotta to be there . . .

to summon the disappearance of legends
Bojangles , Handy, Eubie
landmark residents of Strivers Row
call to the boy wonder

awash days of the lit marquees
now dull prototypes and sample thieves

the sweet bite of Harlem
the bitter aftertaste; no more soul food
no more soul food
blanched collards; porch eggs
wheat grass and whey

supreme bow; golden oldies for Harlem
absorbed in his finery
promenade out of the clouds

ladies and gentlemen introducing . . . Mr. Phantasm . . .

© 2011 Lepadah

Dedicated to all the music men in my life

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Mr. Phantasm . . . (spokenword)

From: mapovia (mapovia)
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To: lepadahxxx
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57652.2 (2 of 2)

The old order changeth, yielding way to new.
Before Harlem was Black, it was Dutch,
Before it was Dutch, it was Native American,
before it was Native American, it was glacial.

Love your stuff, Sister.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Plea of the Lecherous Hounds by Lepadah Spoken Word


Plea of the Lecherous Hounds

They tried dangling dividends
I decline the betterment
their nebbish state
showy declaration
200,000 excess only spending interest

how sad
how insanely ludicrous
all their cornucopia
saving for the grave
or the government

twirling around in trash cans
a pitiful ratty nudge of beings
perhaps this is why I am fortuneless
perhaps this is why I am so goddamn happy at being me

their excruciating grumbling about President Obama
the taxes, the taxes, the taxes to the rich
what tiny baby bitches
reminding why I despise them

these horny stunted men
waiting in dark bars
a bid at buying Cognac for young Democratic Congressional beauties

worming sweaty palms around sleeveless shoulders
laughing at stupidity
canvassing over a potential lay
"hey baby give me a kiss."

repulsed at such bruised endeavor for poontang
I sit twist the other way forgetting their stare
a ponder at histrionic crudeness
what is this existence
to exist without meaning
without ethics or ones couth

the desperate plea of these lecherous hounds
ode to the simpleton
to think the ladies actually let these men of night hours take them home
is that all you're worth?
is that all there is?

© 2011 Lepadah



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I used to Love her by Common


Shadow by Lepadah

Standing with the Devil at the door
shadow metaphors
left open the gates
you selected your tools

beheaded your efforts
left you bleeding before warrior feet
unable to cry out defeat
cherubic tantrums

our symposium was not about you
drop verse, unrehearsed
splash words on paper
be it the image maker

flowing free
a sea mouth full of vocabulary
syntax, grammatical relapse
castigator considered to be terminator

pow! Molotov cocktail
lyrical sensation
you can’t be me and . . .
I never wanted/needed to be you

stuck dreaming
stifled by tobacco chewing country boys
isolated from big city blues
this sista sling slang with jazz gurus

wanna be Brooklyn gurly
what ya know about them
absolutely nothang
foundation planted in earth of urban blight
outta sight . . .

all I know . . . I'm a hold up artist
staying out of the blue funk
sleeping with men you dare to dream about
walk with Gods you dare to pray to
inside Soho lofts Crosby street
Duncan, Moses and Louis Reyes Rivera we all meet
to in person sounds of Cuba

you don't know . . .
someone handle this . . .
Zora’s memory at the Schomburg in essence of air
can't touch . . . hold me

etched in Harlem prophets skeleton
beat fables within the anima
you can’t represent; feeling all bent
already spent too many verses on me

so what you gonna do?
sail down literary waters correct my English
derive synonyms, adjectives out the thesaurus

come on step to the ghetto
falling all over you
write as one please
forcing to poetic knees

take heed this one flowed
long with Thoreau
Hemingway for days
sepulcher in Fabio, Wright, Levertov, Cervantes . . .
back at the arid hole
constantly thirsty

Jah giveth water
please drink it
you can continue to dream Jewel
stare at the stars; cry at the moon

while holding ballers in pool pockets
seven settling days ferment sockets
dare to stare at what we can bare
lyrics, rhyme and Congo lullabies
beauty of burnt sienna

remember we are the rhythmic riders
whose haloes stolen long ago
by the Devil . . .

death walk poets

© revised 2011 Lepadah

Common "Light"


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Wanderer A Poem by Lepadah

Her constitution tighten with nerves
tensioning antennas
an alien to this locus
a churned stomach twitching in the depths of irritated sleep
fragmented dreams, a stiffening neck and charley horse gripping the left calf of her leg
open silence to struggle gasping a painful grunt
impaled labyrinthine thoughts
cross future possibilities
sentence her to a bag lady beat for a space to holler home . . .

© 2011 Lepadah All rights reserved

The Wanderer

Her constitution tighten with nerves
tensioning antennas
an alien to this locus
a churned stomach twitching in the depths of irritated sleep
fragmented dreams, a stiffening neck and charley horse gripping the left calf of her leg
open silence to struggle gasping a painful grunt
impaled labyrinthine thoughts
cross future possibilities
sentence her to a bag lady
beat for a space to holler home . . .

© 2011 Lepadah
All rights reserved