Monday, January 30, 2012

Lepadah reclaiming peace in a universe unbalanced.

Lepadah reclaiming peace in a universe unbalanced.
The weekend began nice enough with typical rituals to confirm the light is shinning within ones being. Harlem and Brooklyn keep awakening a presence which is cardinal. No proposed commentary just one must meet their destiny in time. Sunday was intense, align deceptive motives from various sources which one must rectify with clarification outlining boundaries of which to cross into a physical space hence occupied. The audacity to assume ones action is justified through hysterics thus unbecoming a person who deem control and professionalism. I apologized to the universe for an outburst of expletives prompted by a rattled beginning and the encounter with someone totally unrepresented by suitable decorum. I arose from a stupor showering to clarity and prayed reclaiming my inner peace and desist from further contact with negativity. Allow one the silence of peace continuing to love one another. Peace unto to you in the eyes and name of the Beneficent one.


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Uptown Saturday Night Lenox Lounge 2012

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gil Scott-Heron "Winter In America" (1974)

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Long Island City Artisan Guild Fundraiser

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Evening fundraiser @ Aurora Gallery

Tonight had a great time @ the Long Island Artisan Guild fundraiser held at the beautiful Aurora Gallery. Great food and wine amid a wonderful array of Artisans. The wonderful host, a special performance from a guitarist and a flamenco dancer. The evening air filled with creative energy. Tired and ready to sleep. Peace Sent from my iPhone

Lepadah"s Universe a little off 2012

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uptown Saturday Night @ Lenox Lounge 2012

Uptown Saturday night hung out in the Lenox Lounge till closing time this morning. The lounge should have packed like the Blue Note with these signature premium cats playing this Jazz. But there was only ten people chilling in the Zebra room what shame to pass up live music by professional musicians who own their craft down to the last note. Anyway the catfish, collards and Mac & Cheese was superb. Ok I'm about to hit a snooze. Peace and always love. Pics going up later.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Messages in this Discussion Prev. Discussion  123456 Next Discussion Poems for Comment  Man . . . I'm Talking to You   From:  trkyounger (trkyounger) Last Visit: 12:19 PM Posts: 2356 To: lepadahxxx Posted: Jan 18 12 07:13 AM Message: 58161.21 (21 of 29) Reply to 58161.19 The Meeting for Lydia I entered the door met your eyes my soul stood barefoot at the center of the world. I was expecting a Bangee girl, home-piss beyotch say this with sheets of sounds you were head flicker with spirit rhythm rhythm of Shango trapped odu`way oup in you honey blood an oriki turn of tongue ka-ka-ki-tak not a Negro or Colored gurl and you were wearing pearls    Obatala    From:  lepadahxxx (lepadahxxx) Last Visit: 11:26 AM Posts: 369 To: cumin Posted: Jan 18 12 10:37 AM Message: 58161.22 (22 of 29) Reply to 58161.20 Hi cumin, I see oba already jumped in lol . . . let me answer. Peace 1 Lepadah       From:  lepadahxxx (lepadahxxx) Last Visit: 11:26 AM Posts: 369 To: trkyounger Posted: Jan 18 12 10:47 AM Message: 58161.23 (23 of 29) Reply to 58161.21 Oba I got this . . . Peace 1 Lepadah       From:  lepadahxxx (lepadahxxx) Last Visit: 11:26 AM Posts: 369 To: trkyounger Posted: Jan 18 12 11:59 AM Message: 58161.24 (24 of 29) Reply to 58161.21 Blowing strong winds  a Jersey City King of Kings  everything to cast his spell yo! papa Oshala touching tentacles  chance upon this poet on an open forum and inside Harlem Botanical shops  beating for a lost voodoo box  enshroud earth,Virgo oils and those pearls adorn the day happen on present Oshun crystal mojo, Vodka, chicken wings and Russian suicide writers I accepted Lepadah Edited Jan-18   by  lepadahxxx       From:  cumin (cumin) Last Visit: Jan-18 Posts: 8492 To: lepadahxxx Unread Posted: Jan 18 12 06:49 PM Message: 58161.25 (25 of 29) Reply to 58161.22 What a treat you two have created! Thanks so much....wonderful....wonderful stuff!    

Lepadah Sunday 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Weekend 2012

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Man I'm Talking to You by Lepadah Poem/Comments

Player playing
isolate mind's eye
fluid body politics
conflict columns compass

upon altar
strange crooked beings
acquire quakes akin to mine
one needed a beloved
less wane jewels to freaks

man . . .
you were once the perfect whim
tender enormous rhythms, polemics & birdie Haiku
happy with the Motown sound
set in old wax; newly found

soft-pedaling down memory lane
"Ooh-oo child" up the 5 Stairsteps
ascend empyrean
Ooo-oo . . . soulful real

frequent obscurity
awaiting lavender morning's
I resent a box kisser
did you not understand
man . . . a request for an unwrinkled smooch

© 2012 Lepadah

From: trkyounger (trkyounger) Obatala
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Posts: 2340
To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 11 12 12:42 PM
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Reply to 58161.1

I've attempted to put this poem into English! lol

I know
you are a Player's player
but you isolate my mind's
eye. There's no conflict when
you have my legs in the air like
columns. You don't need a compass
to find that spot.

Put me on a altar. We become strange
crooked beings that shove and quacks.
Who needs jewels? We freaks.
Man, you were once the perfect whim, lay,
tender enormous thick rhythms polemics and bird

Haiku. We were happy with the Motown Sound, like an
ol skool record set in old wax. We soft pedaled down memory
lane like 'ooooooh child things are gonna be easier. OOOOh child 5 Stairstepping me to heaven, soo sooo Soulful Real.

Now your heat is less frequent. Obscure. I want lavender mornings. I resent this, this pat on the cheek! Do you not understand? I want my man back! My man!

From: lepadahxxx (lepadahxxx)
Last Visit: 1:41 PM
Posts: 356

To: trkyounger
Posted: Jan 11 12 01:03 PM
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Reply to 58161.2
lol Thank you Brother Oba,

Nice attempt . . . English you jest (lol)

1) "player" is a video player
2) the conflict was other women
3) columns being their legs
4) compass meaning many directions
5) the value of an relationship change into superhead freak
6) the man back . . . not

The words are gifts offered abstraction.

by the way love word is "quake" not "quack."

But love your take lol

Peace 1 lepadah

From: trkyounger (trkyounger)
Last Visit: 10:43 AM
Posts: 2342
To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 11 12 01:47 PM
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Reply to 58161.3
as your mentor i'm telling you to be less 'smart' and more simplistic. You are too important of an writer to have us play guessing games with your words.... Insular is not writing techniques... be nice... share with us... let us play too!


T. Obatala-Obalajii- Kimathe- Jetta

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Man . . . I'm Talking to You

From: cumin (cumin)
Last Visit: 5:41 AM
Posts: 8438

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 12 12 05:22 AM
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Reply to 58161.1

Your poem fascinated me lepadah.....the language in sings!

Most favourite lines, of many in it, for me....

"I resent a box kisser
did you not understand
man . . . a request for an unwrinkled smooch "

I also really enjoyed the exchanges that followed between obatala and good when that happens.....I felt like a fly on a wall....listening to you both bounce off each other.


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Man . . . I'm Talking to You

From: trkyounger (trkyounger)
Last Visit: 12:03 PM
Posts: 2343

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 12 12 12:08 PM
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Reply to 58161.7
..awww thank you baby but all that trying to get on my good side aint wots poppin!!! Could you throw in a couple of nouns and dumb it down a little for us un-ejamacated- folks....????

Read Carolyn Forche...

you are right there...




From: lepadahxxx (lepadahxxx)
Last Visit: 12:56 PM
Posts: 358

To: trkyounger Obatala
Posted: Jan 12 12 01:06 PM
58161.9 (9 of 9)
Reply to 58161.8

haha so funny oba. Point made . . . match. But you guys on this forum is creme de la creme of high brows since joining in 2000 whoa! You, Farkas, Guy, Dreamboat, Mapovia, Cumin, 68, where is Yankee Dog, Jewel Moon and the list is endless you know that. Love you all big time. We match point all day tap. lol

Peace 1 always Lepadah

From: 68degrees (68degrees)
Last Visit: Jan-12
Posts: 2844
To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 12 12 04:26 PM
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Reply to 58161.9

The bantering back and forth here is worth almost as much fun as
reading the poem...which is very good all by itself ;)


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Man . . . I'm Talking to You

From: trkyounger (trkyounger) Obatala
Last Visit: 10:52 AM
Posts: 2347

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 13 12 10:57 AM
58161.14 (14 of 15)
Reply to 58161.13 carrot on top of the big fish eating friend of mine! You know that you are my strong peoples. I love your work, your spoken word is simply fantastic and the time we went out to go see Cassandra Wilson on Valentine's Day is one of the best memories i will carry to my grave!!!!!!

Did I do good?

Do you forgive me, love-lump?




From: lepadahxxx (lepadahxxx)
Last Visit: 11:01 AM
Posts: 362

To: trkyounger
Posted: Jan 13 12 11:03 AM
58161.15 (15 of 15)
Reply to 58161.14

Awe but of course Oba . . . you my peoples lol. You know West 4th diner the big fish haha.

Peace always Lepadah

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Man . . . I'm Talking to You

From: cumin (cumin)
Last Visit: 3:25 AM
Posts: 8478
To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 13 12 08:28 PM
58161.16 (16 of 16)
Reply to 58161.15

Enough of this teasing you've got me salivating....

"You know West 4th diner the big fish haha. "

any chance of a joint poem about this from you two here....'taint fair to tickle taste buds at just the thought of it.


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Man . . . I'm Talking to You

From: trkyounger (trkyounger)
Last Visit: 1:14 PM
Posts: 2353

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 17 12 01:17 PM
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Reply to 58161.17
...ok Lep lets do this!!! Am going to jot down some of our fondest memories because Lord knows you are always doing something... If my moms were alive she would call you very fresh and me mannish... lol



Adorable Notes for Lepadah from Poet MB

From: About. com Poetry MB

Re: Brooklyn II


Dec 31, 2011 12:29:51 AM


Posted in  Poetry
Subject: Brooklyn II

Click here to view this posting and others in Poetry.

Hi Lepadah, haha, had to come in on Brookyn this time, it was a lot of fun to go in some of your websites, and see some of the wonderful things you have done, I really enjoyed it, I loved the the Coney Island pictures, the one of you on the beach, haha, and I had a chance to talk to you, and hear the exuberance in your
voice when you were telling me about it, hey, it is beautiful to love anything that much, to have that much passion about a place and respect it so much, my girl, you are really cool, that's what
it's all about, hey, I saw the video too, where you talked about how much you love Brooklyn, and how much it was down in your soul, and how you wished everybody a good holiday, light inscense, do
their thing, haha, that was a beatiful thing from a beautiful soul, which is you my friend, Lepadah, Lydia, haha, I like Lydia too, it has a poetic ring to it, just like Lepadah, I tell, you, I
enjoyed seeing the multidimensional person that you are, and once again, am glad to know you, I enjoyed reading your profile, a woman in the struggle and enjoying life, amoung the other things, haha,
and 5'8", a lot to love, haha, that really laid me out, especially since I'm a small fella of only 5'6", I said, oh well, she may never be my sweetheart, but at least she's still my good writer
friend, hahaha, hey, it's the New Year, and remember in your video, you reached down in your guts and told everybody to just enjoy life, as you like to do, and believe me ma susta, just like you like
yo whiskey and yo wine, I have had all of mine hahahaha, so in the spirit that you wished everyone to enjoy their holiday moments in the best way they could, I am doing that right now by talking to
my wonderful friend and the pure soul that you are hahahah, and having a good ass time, isn't that what life is all about, haha, I say yes, and I will say this, since this is going into the new year,
I have to say that you and your great spirit and poetry, were one of the best things that happened to me in 2011, and I was lucky to have others, but since I'm talking to you, it's about you, so THE
VERY HAPPIEST OF HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU!!!!! And YOURS! Haha, and I hope that will let me get away with this, I'm getting on my tiptoes now to give you a kiss, mmmwwwaaaaahhh!!! Haha, come on now
don't be mad it's the holiday, I'll tell you one thing, Lydia, whatever else happens to me in 2012, one thing I would like to do, is come to New York for a day or two, and hang out with you, and walk
on the beach, and see Coney Island, aw man, haha, so my friend, that is for real, and that's something I would like to do before summer is over, and that gives me all the way to Sept, haha, you can
see I'm tripping out, but just getting the wishes out to a few people who really matter to me, and because of your powerful and far reaching soul, you are one of those, still awake? Haha, u know me,
but I just enjoy talking to you my pal, and love listening to you, so keep that in mind, I hope you won't mind doing it when I could arrange it, I really think it would be fun, but either way, thank
you for these moments I am able to ramble on to you, now I've got to finish 2011 talking about your poetry, since that was overall probably my most enjoyable reading experience for this year, so
since I came in on Brooklyn II, as I told you, most of the time when I reread your poems, something different will jump out, today for Brook, it was the lines, she survives rising up...unraveling her
apron for spring...whispering I must stay...a little poem of its own for me, she survives rising up, when I see the pictures of you walking on the beach, and downtown, and listen to the video, I see
the connection you feel to "Her" and how much it means to you to see her rise up, unraveling her apron for spring...haha I can interject in my own fantasy, that means if I am able to make it there in
the spring when she unravels that apron, oh boy, what a wonderful meal I will have, whispering I must stay...hahahaha, get ready, here is my 'Gone with the wind' story...when I get rich in the
millions, and tell you that I'm about to make you rich, so that you can live in your fancy, condo, and drive your nice car, have no financial worries in the world, and get up and do what you want to
do every day, buy every thing you ever wanted to buy your kids, and everyone you love, if you will only move to Cleveland, to be near me, and be my love, and that's when you whisper in my ear, and
break my heart, and leave all the people in the theater crying, when you tell, that you must stay, hahaha, that's the story line for my first novel, OMG I better laugh at myself, ha, I really put you
thru it this time, but what the hell, if I can't babble on like this to another writer, who can I babble on to, well thanks for being such a good sport if you've made it this far, and for real, I am
proud of you for all the things you have in progress, and sincerely wish u all the success, and always keep me updated when you get a chance, you know i enjoy hearing about it good or bad, so have a
very happy new year and holla when you can, and accept my cosmic hug, since you helped get me all high and stuff, you have to take a human hug too, so here it is, mmmm mmmmmm! haha, thank you for
being so kind my precious pal...your pal

Poet MB sent you a message.


Hi Lepadah, I know from your last post that you are going into seclusion, so I just wanted to holler before u go, I enjoyed your website, I think I got in haha, it was a trip, but you'll have to let me know if my posts came thru, I wouldn't know where to look for them, haha, but anyway I had a ball checking out things and enjoyed seeing u, my pal, haha, you are a full blown trip! But a lovable one, u know I loved the post about going to the music store, I originally came in to tell u about the october video, until I saw the one for today, u are such a precious soul, I couldn't figure out whether to come in on your about poem, spoken, love, or last rites, but I didn't feel like going into the brightly lit kitchen, so I opted for the dark alleys of the ghetto, and the beauty of days like this, when there's nothing I'd rather do than spend it with you, hahaha, oh, how sweet, I wish I had written that, but I can live it for these brief moments, in my inebriation and thoughts of you, haha, that is a bunch of bull isn't it, but u know me, o.k. where was I, u know I've got to get it all in if you're going to be in seclusion, but I could've come in on spoken word, because you are continuing the music, and adding sounds to that beautiful song that is your life, which u are kind enough to share with others, one of which is me, who really appreciate what you are trying to do, that is really real, to be so immersed with music, and at the present, the bamboo flute, haha, u know I can relate to that, as well as the shout out to the saxophone(I remember you have a preference for the alto) me, I love em all, but that tenor is my fav, u know how little guys are, they love the big stuff, haha, o.k. but for real, I think that's beautiful, to take that journey into self with the aid of music, and share it with the world, now my pal, that's something that I, or most folks, could never do, so that makes u unique, but also I must let u know as u go to seclusion to think about your relationships, i hope you will focus on the one that means the most, and as I have come to know in the short time I have known you, I believe that u know that that is the relationship between you, yourself, and whatever you call the Highest One, because sometimes the picture get cloudy when we think we are doing some humanitarian favor to the universe to think of others and our relationship with them, instead of our relationship with ourselves, and if it's one thing I've seen of you, in your poetry, in your profile, in your walk along the beach, and your admonition to those during the holiday, to simply have a good day, you really wish the best for all, and don't forget, you are one of those, and while u are taking care of everybody else's bullshit, it's no sin to take care of your own, which it appears u are about to do, and I am not a figure of wisdom by any means to u, and I hope it does not sound like I am lecturing someone more learned than I, just as a person who really loves u as u are in the most respectfull and cosmic kinda way, for these moments of my life, I hope u have a productive and fruitful period of seclusion but while ur there if u need something funny to think about, u can think of your naughty little pal, trying to sneak in there while u have your incense burning, your candles lit, your eyes closed in deep meditation, with your lips to your bamboo flute, who sneaks around the back of u,(you've got your lips on the bamboo flute) so I can only kiss u on the cheek, hahaha, see, that wasn't so bad, now I'm going to let u get to work and do what u have to do, and for real, I hope everything works out to the very best for you in what ur undertaking, and thanks for all the fun you've give me, peace and love, MB

Saturday, January 7, 2012


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Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Amongst us Poets

Jon Baltimore Music

After work I made a run into our beautiful city and dropped by for a meet/greet with fellow friends, song writers, musicians and one of my creative consciouses also present to go over a project en route to advise. and the generous suggestion to purchased a Bamboo flute for me @ Jon Baltimore last evening. ( Love it!) This place is a virtual smorgasbord for serious music enthusiast such as. I am completely a devotee in love with the alto saxophone, Native American flute etc. I love all musical instruments. Sleep, breath, inhale and feed the soul everything elemental to suffice ones existence such as. Jon was a complete delight along with a thorough staff. You never know who might walk into Jon Baltimore Music. One might be standing shoulder to shoulder with a fame jazz artist, all musicians immerse in conversation about the beauty of each instrument or their latest gig. Let me make mention of their top security, a beautiful black and white Mr. Kitty he is sooooooo cute. This joint is a must visit if you happen to dig this thing . . . I do. The wall of fame is awe-inspiring to say the least. Check it out. Oh by the way guys what happen to my shot of Scotch? lol

P.S. to Larry Mayfield I need new music man for the collaboration.

Lepadah @ work

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poets Cyntax, Lepadah, Lyrical Love , cousin James Patterson, the man Miquel Pinero and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Poets.pdf Download this file

Poet Cyntax .pdf Download this file

Dedicated to Linda Jones . . .The Voice

Does her yodeling lay
continue strain upon heavens
demand the rain to address Newark
with it's own tones and rune
out pores of Baptist Churches
according to pain lyrist, dogmas, love sagas
betrayal wounds published thru
"For Your Precious Love."
amaze a glee deep within
these broken hearts
crest between netted breast
a wandering voice gone in tomorrow's wind

© 2012 Lepadah

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The Voice dedicated to Linda Jones

From: cumin (cumin)
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To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jan 07 12 03:25 AM
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Reply to 58133.1
Gosh! Yours are so bluddy good lepadah!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mae West in I'm No Angel Trailer haha you go Mae

Check out this video on YouTube:

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