Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Original Player

OP "Original Player"
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Category: Writing and Poetry

you fondled thoughts of me in mind scope

your fingers tiptoe to pleasures

kindly, sweetly

gently kissing juices

setting afire

captured by your desire

conjured up some sort of wicked voodoo

caught inside your web unable to escape your embrace

holding carefully placing my body on the bed of familiar

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band is playing instrumentals

all in my head

Cherchez La Femme

you hear the music

shall we dance

you are a cool breeze blowing

I feel the chill

skin to bone soul

we are beyond Soul Train

shall we summon the Orishas

inhaled a Love Supreme

giving you sweet marmalade meat between brown thighs

pulling apart legs throwing them toward night sky

over your shoulders

around your back

however which way

they seem to fit perfectly

manipulating my assets

playing pitty pat on back

you finally got to kiss those lips

huggy bear hips

suck a mouth full of titty

Sure nuff

continue baby love talk

I wanna love you to your bones

© 2009 Lepadah

Love A Poem

Category: Writing and Poetry

love is your bass

holding hips

flicking strings

I'll be your bass

love is my mahogany body

that dip sliding into arms

cradle thoughts of jazz love

mused tupelo honey

round mid-night type of love is a bonquet of you

it is the glow in tangerine light

with miles Sketches of Spain

perfectly narcissistic vanity

dreamed and delivered between sheets

lollipop lick tongue kiss

mood love

so here I go again

wrting another crazy poem

about love

another sad Nina Simone song

sung in a poem

Yeah, you heard it all before

so here I go again

alone with pen and paper

cold full moon nights

full of you that left whispers along the side of my neck

filling my ear with your love words

you wanted to feed me

feed me some of you

to make my belly swell

so you said

hey baby you're my honey

I want to give you a taste of me

I'll feed you my seed you see

I want

I want

I want a part of me to go

to grow

to flow

inside you and become me and you of we

so it can remind you of loving me

so there I go tripping

over words spoken in the night

there I go like "Moody's mood for love."

a bird in love flight whispering wings

(Song break - Saxaphone)

"there I go."

"there I go."

totally out of control

© 2009 Lepadah

Shadowed metaphor

Dreamer jewel

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Category: Writing and Poetry

I be standing with Lucifer at your door

shadowed metaphors

left open the gates

you selected your tools

I beheaded your efforts

left you bleeding before my feet

unable to cry out in defeat

cherubic tantrums

our symposium was not about you

I drop verse


splash words on paper

I am the image maker

flowing free

my mouth a sea of funky vocabulary


grammatical relapse

downloading explosive lyrical sensation

you can’t be me

I never wanted or needed to be you

stuck dreaming

stifled by tobacco boys

isolated from my big city blues

while I sling slang with jazz gurus

you wanna be Brooklyn gurly

what ya know about them

absolutely nothang

I am planted in the earth of urban blight

that’s all I know is how to deal

stealing respect from the everyday

I sleep with men you dare to dream about

I walk with Gods you dare to pray to

I sit inside Soho lofts on Crosby with Duncan and Moses

you don't know this

I sit in Zora’s memory

at the Schomburg you will find me

beneath skeletons of Harlem Prophets

that beat rituals into the foyer of my soul

you can’t represent

feeling all bent

you already spent to many verses on me

so what you gonna do

sail down the waters with correct English

derive synonyms, adjectives out the thesaurus

I’ll be ghetto all over you

write as I please

forcing you to your poetic knees

take heed I flowed long with Thoreau

Hemingway for a day

traveled to drink out of a desert hole

Jah gave water

So you can continue to dream jewel

stare at the stars

cry at the moon

I will keep all the ballers in pool pockets

Urban days ferment in your sockets

at night when you think of me

dare to stare at what I can bare

on lyrics and rhyme

Conga lullabies

Sepia Queens, Nubian Kings

all those things you thought you knew

I will give you Rasta blue

he will play our song for you

remember we are the rhythmic riders whose haloes were stolen long ago by Lucifer

death walk poets

© 2009 Lepadah

  death walk poets...
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Jun.10 19:12]
what a beautiful poem! a masterpiece, a protest written like a prayer in slang...yet it has guts and style...written in beautiful shades of English and not-so-English this could be the lyrics of a new alternative piece of music...highlighting the futility and the power of the word, muse vs poet...the kind of poem that breaks norms to reach the next level...yours made it there effortlessly...Congratulations!


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Shadowed Metaphor

From: Robin (bitoftruth)

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jun 16 10 02:52 PM

Reply to 54427.1
Awesome allusions with a very distinct rhythm.
) Robin Taylor (BitofTruth)


Nominate for
(This is your poem)

Submitted by Ravenshakti on 16 June 2010 - 2:22pm.
Shadowed Metaphor...

Your poem took me on a little journey;
a poetic adventure, with a very sensual rhythm…
One I very much enjoyed!

I like what you’re saying here;
and I love the way you say it!

Gentle regards,



Category: Writing and Poetry

Woke up feeling a stiffness inside my womb

I parted my legs so you could soul probe

Ask you to bring me morning

So we greet sunrise

The smile on your face

Settling into your embrace

I wanted the sunshine in your touch

So I ask you again to bring my morning

Because I know your rhythms

© 2009 Lepadah


Word Up

Category: Writing and Poetry

we sniffed cocaine off the boa card

laced out in a one dollar bill

drunk Polar Bear vodka

five times distilled

genuine one hundred percent

like his mind

pure cerebration

dropping verse

flowing free


exploding metaphors



super high


dubbed me duchess

recited Gunga Din

shit that was hot


saying .. hotter than fish grease

the scene to hip for visions

better to go green with verse so said

hate rehearse

pure and natural

say it loud are we black, negro, african america, nigger and proud

more hits remaining natural, neutral and environmentally safe

now the great obatala writing and drinking up russian suicide writers

Offering his Duchess from queens spiced up chicken wings and a copy of staying alive


Word up

© 2009 Lepadah

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blowing Bazooka It's Monday..."Start Me Up."

Hey New Yorker's you too Baltimore put a smile on that face, kick, dance & run the rain today with Rolling Stones
"Start Me Up."

"spread out the oil, the gasoline
I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine
Start it up."

I'm so there I can taste it a full flush.

Cat's Pee

Cat's pee a dangling participle peppered your upper lip

Although you were oblivious

I sat waiting to hear new revelations

Magnificently you dissected Genet's "Notre Dame Des Fleurs."

So I listen until your words meander

I left you sitting with lover Nora

Lumbering your way into my room

I allege sleep

While you degenerated into a stupor

© 2009 Lepadah

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Bull Crying

The Bull Crying
Category: News and Politics

Industrial eyes


smoke burning skies

incinerator hell ablaze

flag staggers swagger in a ball of smoke

I stand for no man's symbol

except God


my captivity slavery

the red, white and blue

wrapped tightly around ancestors neck

kept them from singing

O say can u see

O see dark angels

foretold events

crying the world is coming to an end

so what say America to defend


bonds losing postion

terminal restriction

corp traders

capitalist raiders

made themselves financial Gods

Babylon is on fire

locked into submission

brought to your knees

held in the balance of our own greed

cemented piles of left over steel

blown glass perished in the still autumn wind

dead bodies atop tar and asphalt

92 floors and more

fire blistered egos

broke open fresh flesh

Canto Fitzgerald's dreams

monopolizing money game

blind sighted

a blow

Bismil laahir rahmaamir raheem


come out America from hypocrisy

what say

with bloody hands

hijacking lands

kidnapping Africans

collecting countries across the globe

revelations revealed

fate no longer concealed

i'm living a lie

i can't deny

if i tell u one nation under God

i'm indivisible to my own agenda

peace speaks

i'm sick of the hatred

fermented and penetrated our innards

defecated brought to you by tv propaganda

what say to a world power now kneeling

peeling back our sin discovering our vulnerability

what say

dirt of our deeds

what say

the lies

the constitution


polluted politics

Jehovah forgive me

I am a sinner

the earth smells

blood soaked from too many wars

smell death everywhere




blood lands

Africa's genocide

America's suicide

amid the world government paid drug dealers

profiting foreign opium poppy

dead minded and immune to greed

our soldiers sent home

uniform boxes bury with taps

medal of honor

A families grief

smell the stench


festering along with our pathetic passion for isms









we are dying amid the greatest natural disaster


all because of human ism

© 2009 Lepadah

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend @ the Blue Note celebrating Roy Haynes 85th Birthday.

My weekend spent @ the Blue Note with the legendary Roy Haynes and Chick Corea. I reserved a table for the eight o'clock show . A beautiful spring day and I was ready to embrace this musical genius. Yes I went solo, it was wonderful with a perfect view squeezed in between couples no reaction from me just happy to be here amid these two giants of Jazz. Celebrating Roy Haynes 85th birthday. I must say he looks fabulous and snap, popping those drums, I see why he is tagged "snap crackle." Sipping slowly on a glass of crisp chilled Chardonnay I was ready. The music was slamming, riveting and reminded me of the time I walked into Sweet Basil after midnight almost empty and there he was front center was the wonderfully talented Art Blakey drumming all alone. I sat a table away caught in the musical moment of such greatness. Thus at the Blue Note I was just a two steps away from Roy Haynes totally caught again. A great night had by me. I'm so smiling feeling happy. .


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baltymore 2010

Wonderful time in Baltimore this past weekend. The sky was perfectly blue and the sun was beaming. My daughter and her friend Mike took me to Bahama Breeze in Towson for lunch hmmmmm delicious. Not only was the atmosphere great but the jerk chicken pasta with asparagus tips, mushrooms was terrific. Recommend the Bahamarita for a melody of fresh fruity flavor and a shot on the side guaranteed to have you singing Mr. Roger "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." I along with my daughter and friend left the restaurant happy. A teeny bit of shopping for my grand babies ... please note baby Gizmo who is a Shitsu/bijou mixed and mister Mumbo aka big kitty . Right I'm laughing out loud. Spending some change on doggy bling, kong, cat litter and food for both. Stopped at the liquor store for some wine and Grey Goose. Snapped shots of town houses being renovated by local and out of town artist "we are here." Chill for a few and later walked to the hot spot "CityCafe" near the Harbor. Can you say a spectacular night was had by all. Ate Lobster bites for an appetizer and med rare Filet Mignon. Whoa magic in our mouth... trip back to nyc was a drag. Now I am focusing on a title for my book.

Peace Love Lepadah