Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Court Square Wine Events

It's that time of the year! The time when we celebrate a bountiful harvest year with the feast of Thanksgiving. Although an American tradition, the winemakers of Beaujolais conveniently celebrate their Gamay harvest at the same time. The third Wednesday of November marks "Beaujolais Nouveau Day", a clever marketing ploy by those crafty French winemakers. I'm sure the spectacle has absolutely nothing to do with the coincidence that the US market celebrates Thanksgiving the following week, but nobody is pointing fingers here; everybody loves an event!

To revel in their Gamay cache, the vineyards of Beaujolais release "Beaujolais Nouveau", a wine fermented for only a few weeks before its release to the public, leaving the wine with low alcohol and lush, fruity flavors. What you'll find in the bottle is a fruity, robust drink with sweet notes of banana, bubble gum, and ripe fruit flavors. The soft, smooth, flavorful, and easy-drinking vino is the perfect compliment to your holiday fare and your psychadelic wine label collection!

Domaine de la Madone:
$11.99 (750mL bottle)


Friday, Nov 20:
Wines from Matt Bros and Limoncello Liqueur and Sobieski Vodka

Tuesday, Nov 24:
Pre-Thanksgiving Tasting with Tempranillo Imports


Thursday Dec 3:
Art Opening and Fundraiser for LIC's "The Space" with free tasting

Friday, Dec 11:
Holiday Party with a massive tasting and live music! Details soon....

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