Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dope Utopia

Eye don't do dope
but pill bottles of hope
dream like a fiend
searching nights dream

visions of kahlo adaptation
life seen through
"El ojo avizor"
some super fantastic nightmare
edge cliff scare
living thru the dare

jump, jump...
paradise snake eyes
dream death rules the unknown
wanna gamble
you rather scramble

somewhere a desert
is waiting for me
feel the boiling earth
unquenchable thirst

inside chambered crevices
slither snakes spitting tongues
sticking they're prey
shoot a crippled eye
unafraid to view death

so malevolent a spectacle
stalking the assailable
tiny quadruped tangle string legs
fighting inevitability

crawling to spy another capture
turning back
sighted wings spread upon
screech a curse
jimi strung strumming out there

claws protracted
a large bird swooping
plucked them crippled eyes
one at a time

pitted snakes wriggled apace
caress eyeballs
rolling around aimlessly

blind is thy heathen a crawl
scream silent desolation
blood pouring between them nasty fingers
no longer able to witness
killing in the chasm

eye don't do dope
just like to dream
outside the darkness
into utopia

© 2010 Lepadah

....this blaaaaaaazzzzzeeeeesss across the mind's third eye.




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