Friday, December 10, 2010

Five And Dime Carousel In Albuquerque

Five And Dime Carousel Ride

This little boy
that little girl
down across the street

open window to smell summer
youthful cries
come outside
cherry lollypops
the drip of popsicles
ten cent ride on the carousel
a front Woolworth

giggle, canoodling the play pony
happily waiting to ride
the twinkle, twinkle music
pushed against memory lost

rebellion rubbing bicycle tires
zipping up streets
little debbie riding banana seat
where every bump was a whee!

flooded thoughts here in Albuquerque
five and dime general store
remembering first date
for a dime
stolen from moms pocketbook

giddying up legs flapping
adventures of the magical machine
little debbie a grin
unable to ride off into the sunset
station inside cement

moon will soon rise
over white picket fence
he gave away the red hot wheel
the Hopalong Cassidy watch
collected from cereal box tops

a boy tenderfoot
to red light, green light one two three
now let me see

playing rock'em sock'em robot
bought from the neighbor stoop sale
help him steal a kiddy kiss

his hunched elation
youthful masturbation
under tent cover

the surprised beaten
next day after mothers discovery
the stained underwear
thrown behind the bureau

jacking his dinky into a dick
thinking about little debbie
from across the street
the girl worth every dime

joys of the carousel

© 2010 Lepadah


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Subject: Five And Dime Carousel In Albuquerque

"..jacking his dinky into a dick'

Enjoying a good sound chuckle.
I'm sure the gentlemen will relate;
wonder how many will comment?

At first I thought it to be written by a man
yet was not surprised to find a woman author;
after all she was once that little girl and is now
likely to be a mother who found the stained underwear.

Very down to earth writiing. Stay inspired.
I had not read you before and I think it has been my loss.
Will be watching for your future posts.

J :)

It is a keeper Lydia; not just for the memories, the truth natural but so
very well written. A gem to give your son on the birth of his own first son.
IF (big if) I can find the right carousel horse, and a pair of little
children playing - I may give it a stab at painted illustration. I have the
picture in
my mind but I often dream in my head above what my fingers can
accomplish..If is does happpen, will send you a copy. Aproject for the
month of the ear - January in a Canadian winter.
Stay inspire - lovely to read.
:)) :))

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