Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conversation with Mwalimu W. Kabaila

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Jun 20, 2011 07:47:24 PM


Mwalimu W. Kabaila
I agree that we need to invest in our own products, but that requires our own marketing also. I would offer a model where we work up a Proposal and submit to some of our Nation Builder bankers and/or Developers.Then we allow Marketing Blitzes to alter our peoples buying power in their own interests.
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Lydia Elizabeth
11:57am Jun 20

With reference to Dutch ownership I'm sure they might have an monopoly on such as the case with most corporate industry which we don't have ownership in most. I feel we should resume all possible endeavors to recapture and regain ownership. Which means to me investing in our own products.
Lydia Elizabeth

11:46am Jun 20

Hello Brother

Initially I would present a proposal with a full layout of concept, expenses and summarization of all products/management and budgetary etc. A full research analysis from bottom ground, network, resourcing and sourcing fabric. Examining production of fabric, contacts of various textile mills for our specific market/interest. Develop price points including initial start up cost. Gathering all data with respect to domestic/international, import/export and considering factor must include yarn production, distribution/distributors. Another important element is environment for operation/location.

Peace Lepadah

Mwalimu W. Kabaila
3:54pm Jun 18
What are some steps which could be taken to initiate such a move. I am being told now, that most African textiles are owned by the Dutch. Is that close to the truth? And how do we reverse that in practical ways?

Lydia Elizabeth
8:04am Jun 18
The concept of owning is prominent. Working from the innards and the finality of something bountiful is a challenge I welcome. Ownership is no longer an option it is our goal.

Mwalimu W. Kabaila
5:39pm Jun 17
Would love your thoughts on owning an industry from bottom to top. Do you know anyone making those kind of moves? Meaning from farm, processing,manufacturing, distribution, retail?

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