Monday, December 21, 2009

Perfectly petite living in New York City.

Perfectly petite living is how I'm living. I have downsized significantly and realize that bulky overbearing furniture takes away from the energy of space. Leaving very little room for a more free and serene atmosphere. After unpacking boxes of collected memories everything from great grandma's wooden chicken boxes, the numerous mason jars I vowed never to throw away; eventually keeping three. I stood boxed in by boxes, torn furniture, too many chairs, dishes, literally hundreds of glasses, clothes, boxes of photographs, childrens toys,bikes, skates, sleds and thousands of books. My books and music I did not purge; that I kept happily. Frustrated at my own rat packing over the years I desperately needed to clear the clutter and begin again with a whole new perspective to space. Practicing minimalism in the beginning is mind altering but is proving to be an ultimate challenge that I plan to keep no matter where I live. Keep it green and simple.

Peace Lepadah

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