Monday, December 28, 2009

Lovely the Ballerina

The petite dog ensconced near the fireplace
Lovely the ballerina symmetrically upon the foot stool nearby
blowing smoke rings aside her head
camel cigarette butts stuffed in an ashtray
we shared the bottle of tequila
there was no fire burning
just candles flickering
reflect off silver christmas balls
listening to catholic girl confessions
there was no cloaked anonymity
lovely whispered about years at the University
“Ritalin perfect for last minute college papers.” (laughing)
texts books you can’t bare to read
she hard pull the camel
no surprise she was stripping @ Norma Jean’s alongside butter
or hosting illegal poker rooms
strictly for Baltimore ballers
and by invitation only
not shocked to find bongs and left over seeds
from the sweetest weed ever smoked
or selected pieces
from victoria secrets
meticulously placed in her special drawer
suffering from my own cinderella complex
lovely vowed to conquer
by confessing without remorse to mother

© 2009 Lepadah

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