Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grown Folk Business (Rated X)

Their chance meeting was by no way a chance. Words became literal and finally Mr. C arrived in New York City visiting family, friends and Ms. L who was an older woman who had made his acquaintance through common interest at a writer's convention. After making his rounds Mr. C jumped in his ride with his blackberry to ear... " I'm on the way; are you ready for me?" I will be there in twenty minutes." Ms. L answered ... "yes I have some smoke and I am ready." Blasting "The Roots" he pulled into the narrow parking lot near the apartment. C walked up the two flights of stairs to Ms. L's door which was already cracked open. The warm intoxicating scent of Hinoki burning. There she was greeting him with only a pair see through lavender colored panties. Neither one of them needed to talk. This is grown folks business the two would say. All the familiar conversation (small talk) was not necessary they were beyond that. Ms. L was ready to fuck Mr. C and he was ready to fuck her. Not even a blunt; yet they were both already buzzed. L reached for C's belt buckle pulling him towards the bedroom. C grabbing her ass while she continued to undress him. L unzipped his pants massaging his super hard cock. L was on her knees sucking C's cock, tonguing his balls and putting them in her mouth... "I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste you." He reached down grabbing her hair with a wicked smile on his face and said..."but first luv I want to fuck you." Lifting Ms. L up from the floor she fell back upon the bed C wanted to see everything. He began biting hard on her nipples, kissing, stroking and spreading apart her sepia thighs. Fingering her pussy and then licking her clit. C's cock was so fucking hard he thrust into her dripping wet pussy. The strokes were long and rough like L liked. She was into sadomasochism from her days at Acquiesce. C flipping her from the front to the back of that fat ass which he parted. Squirming L tried to pull away from him but C grabbed both arms, pinning her face down allowing him full access to her asshole. L flail beneath C wildly enjoying his torturous pursuit. C determined to fuck the ass used his free hand to lubricate her hole while holding her down finally pushing his cock into L's hole. C knew L was not fond of anal sex which excited him more. L's screams muted by the pillow turned into song like moans climaxing allowing C to continue breaking her hole. Turning L over back C whispered into her ear..."now luv how did that feel?" L smiled with a long sigh removing C's condom. "It was just what the doctor ordered." L began sucking his cock until he blazed all over her mouth and face. "Now luv light me up that blunt."

The End
© 2009 Lepadah

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