Monday, January 11, 2010

A Minimalist at work creating space.

Drilling, designing and downsize to live a more productive spacious life doing it on my own.
This weekend I spent time sifting through unopened boxes discovering and separating the trash from keepsakes. I finally rid myself of old jackets, leather pants I will never again wear; okay let me be honest fit in. Finding new space for life possessions including several journals that I stored inside a broken trunk, boxes and boxes of finished/unfinished manuscripts. After throwing out a dresser with termite eaten drawers, bags of paper trash, old clothes but gently used, toys, books, pots, mix match socks, old toiletries including makeup. I stood able to see a clearing amid the mess and clutter. My son's drum set actually fit without being bunched up in the corner. I recently paid a visit to Home Depot; leisurely strolling the isles delighted at the possibilities to finally create a clear sanctuary. Purchasing some blinds, curtain rods, two ceiling fans. Armed inside my pocketbook was a measuring tape and a piece of paper with measurements. Checking out the various colors of paint I have decided to use an optic white for the main color, turquoise and chocolate paint for accenting base, windows & ceiling. I am almost ready. Home alone once again offered me another opportunity to visualize the beauty of space. Opening up the yellow tool box with anticipation of drilling. I did it! I mounted the rods without a hitch...


Posting pics when finished. Peace to all enjoy the trees. Keep it green.

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