Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bedlam Adventures and the Blessing

"All the way
many miles
under the guise of a New York sky."

waiting, thinking, wanting
a drink
urgency to quell thirst

sitting a crowd
everything hot
mind, body and soul bush
ass edge tight to seat

echo weekend
four loads full Chicago
one day
my way

still waiting figuring
the power of x to y
y is to x
break it down now

like night a burden to light
trying to see
where to fit in
jumping double dutch thru a sea of people

four mates
three Rikers one Green assemble
to sing prison songs

flossing color tee's
standard convict convo
fist bumping
shoulder tag side
high five
taking the same ride

dazed and fazed
dying to be bless
please beg of thee
praying him plant in the garden in need

criss crossing thighs
twist turn a return
ticket one way
so many miles away

to the smell hemp
waiting to be spread
on the lacuna into embouchure
to fulfill
the quell

our final summit

© 2010 Lepadah

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