Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Delilah in Gotham the Great

searching last nights dream
pushed to recognize Satans whore
sweet perfume smuggled between her beautiful lumps
inveigling of a new Delilah
refresh and agog
blind eye samson lost locks
buried in destruction
disallow her entrance to Gotham gate
convulsing in the Atlantic
dem wandering frantic
stalling armageddon door
restraining Satan massaging his huge six head penis
babylon bitch incompetent
dem thrashing about waters
prepared to rupture earth's ass hole
where is Jesus?
leaving us to swirl in the abyss
the deep debauchery man's sins
dying to be fucked forever
by temptation

© 2010 Lepadah

A New Delilah in Gotham the Great

From: mapovia (mapovia)

To: lepadahxxx

A write, a rite that's strong
like liquor strong
prepared for those about to be murdered

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