Thursday, September 30, 2010

Part I Mad Head

Mad Head - Part I

The slow glow
from the opaque street light near Bleecker
holding gaze

floating to a raunchy head beat
the distinct smell of eucalyptus honey
visions of thick drops running down
sides of my Enola's mason jars
extract thoughts of jazz

welcome resurrection
prepared to ride a riff with Trane
along side Dizzy's altering scales of composition spiraling

"I'll never go back to Georgia" licks

(music plays)

crisscross, seducing with his hurricane horn
stopping long enough to hear Moody scat
skedaddle with Pozo melting two
Afro, Cuban
Afro, Cuban
dawned virtuoso "Manteca"
thumping mad Max into memory
instead of memorex

easy flow where my mind go
groove side daddy do good
waited inside Sweet Basil
El Dios of drums

first click
first hit "pop"
full blown litany of sound boiling my blood
unleash the beast to rhythms so loose
so free

a tight leather jacket
fitted to the waist
cold,raw, and stiff bone
it's two a.m.
skin is thin

warm glass of Hennessy
"no ice please"
a couple of cool cats...
Art Blakey
playing solo

drinking and dragging a straw
across a pink formica table
sniff! last bit of blow
long after the light blew

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