Monday, October 4, 2010

Feel Like Dancing In The Rain

Tough tramp
thru the subway
giant stepping stairs
exit 23rd

Monday morning
dancing in the rain
on cloud... yes!

pirated pirouette
swift twirl
landed without fall
tada! feet aplomb

wind billow out raincoat
stem matrix
supreme shag
abstract from universe

transfer time
block party
Martha and the Vandellas
movement of a beautiful age

defying definition
pushing aside etiquette
bohemian boogaloo
breezy dancing

pass a sea of yellow cabbies
limo's leaving silver cup studios
looking thru flushed windows
trucker beeping
body bumping drops

heart beat
quick hits of heat
two sure shots of expresso
bankroll scooby steps

no whistlepig...

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All Rights Reserved
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