Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Vacant Lot

Open Invitation
Benjamin offered
Indeed Madison
could easily seal the deal
pussy is real cheap lately

men supported by City payroll
cops, clerks, Judges
and Elliot Spitzer

access to limited, unlimited
fixed income
doled out funds
mortgage payment
a taste of paradise
fetish satisfied

the repeat
yes, yes, yes, yeah!
every man
the right man
always daddy, baby
papa, papi chulo

her vacant hole
douched, shaved
No 5 Chanel sprayed

legs spread apart
eyes open to statued Saint''s
those arm's
invest authority around
old, young, limpid physiques

nasty weighty men
sloppy untidy
smelly creepy, violent men
sadistic wicked, worrisome men

elegant handsome men
deprived by ghost
sequel to "Pretty Woman"

a tiny room
East Village
colored kerchiefs
drape dingy spots
light bulb cover
drop scent infuse Bulgarian rose oil

au courant record
surrogate passion
"our song baby"
it pay to play

left their mushy mess
semen, sweat
inside her vacantness
allege happiness
waste land, eyes and heart

stack bills inside blue bandanas
some candy numb nose to dislocate
no face
dub none on penises
jerked off wriggle out
copy on cut glass
purple stain neon light
aching thru a bald window

© 2010 Lepadah
All Rights Reserved
Reproduction of any materials without permission is strictly prohibited. Copyright 1999-2010.


Male, 49, Detroit, MI
Posted 10 hours ago

some ladies think this is how they are defined. vacant esteem. great poem

The Vacant Lot


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feels like a movie. wonderful.


From: dreambluestar (dreambluestar)
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Posted: Oct 22 10 04:31 PM


Your poems deliver a dose of stark reality always; this is no exception.  I appreciate how well you manage this.  It always comes across with such a sure touch.  a most excellent read


From: smifffy (smifffy)

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Well writ, enjoyed


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