Friday, July 15, 2011

A Musical Note About Michael Lizzmore Rare Soul

I got a secret you want to know, here it is a musical one. The musically gifted Michael Lizzmore is the best kept secret in Forest Hills, Queens better yet New York City. A true, pure, phenomenal virtuoso. His aptitude still undiscovered even though he was once a Capitol records artist with his hit single "Promised That You'll Wait" and has not been given the opportunity to blaze the music scene. It is with extreme pleasure and privilege to have him as my special friend. The nights spent listening to him tout aria to all intense altitudes with a refresh euphony is shear genius. The full sweet bravado of his voice is a true unique experience. Honing a signature staple with savvy flavor defining real rhythm and blues and good old fashion soul music. A recommended must listen to Michael Lizzmore's fluctuation and feel the sensation.

Peace Lepadah

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