Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Growing up Soul Train . . . Don Cornelius R.I.P.

Remembering Saturday morning Soul Train getting down to James Brown doing the "Good Foot" Lord have mercy on little Miss Percy. Those were the days man... my sister and I couldn't wait for Saturday following the latest and I was dancing fool. Don Cornelius with his signature sign off which always imitated. The soul train dancers, all the blazing stars and super cool outfits we all rush to the boutiques/store to cop the latest slick California style . . . shit I still have my rainbow suspenders from my dad, our flowered pants and satin shirts. The music was flowered beautifully in our youthful minds holding it as our musical keepsakes forever and we are in 2012 still snapping, dancing and spinning down the soul train line. I will always treasure Don Cornelius and the prominent visionary he was in our culture. Ok time to get up from my desk and do the "Good Foot."

Peace 1 The lep

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