Monday, February 20, 2012

Re-Birth of the Cool At Iridium

A black and blue evening of inside healing thru music. A weekender that left me spiritually satisfied and yearning for more of this cozy heated feeling. I prepared for an evening of jazz at the Iridium Jazz club celebrating Miles Davis music festival featuring Lenny White jazz fusion drummer noted for his appearance on Miles Davis historic recording on Bitches Brew. As one walks downstairs into a neatly positioned tables adorn with blue tablecloths, candle and blue lights surrounding it's darkness and highlighting the red neon emblazon "Iridium" I was at home once more checking out my piece of treasured music jazz. Sitting down at our reserved table near the stage I cozy back into the booth and waited for our waiter to order a glass of wine and the entree for the night. If there was heaven on earth I just about found it in these precious jewel joints full of melody, instrumentalist of such superior genius melting into the arms of New Orleans, Mississippi
Delta tracing roots to Kilimanjaro returning to nest comfortably in Harlem and The Village, A rebirth of the cool reverberation. A unbelievable non-stop trip inside the music of Miles which has always left me intoxicated. Last night was a musical feast which I gobbled up keeping all inside forever. Happiness to me is snuggling up on the couch with the Amsterdam news, brand new copy of Wax Poetics featuring Prince on the cover and Frank Ocean I can't express how wonderfully righteous this impeccable magazine is straight up put together. Flip on some good music I'm in ultimate peace oh I can dig a good kiss to top it off I really don't mine baby!!!

Peace Lepadah

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