Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Sabbath (Main & Jewel)

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The sun burn down into the resting arms of night
lights off; are now on
settling scene Scorsese, De Niro joint
eye of storm is over
restless youth appear from nowhere
baby vampires snipping dead eyes

save aged stories
to be told, written scripts a new Capote
how wise to let the vines ripen
as the Sabbath evening unfurl wings

expose & pull to remember ones autumn of life
tonight the patina essence of being a teen
the play of Sinatra "The Good Life"
the drawing back a convertible top to his new mustang
sings to lovebird's gang up the front of seven-eleven

all I can do is grin at a moment
at days of real soda shops
now only Eddie's on Metropolitan
far gone days of floats, splits & egg cream
now the slurpy machine, tacos, hot dogs to go

I a silhouette concealed by the blackness of night
a blown street light smiling at echoes of
"We love you Ronnie . . ."
pyramid whips of a cacophony teenage girls
on Main street

Franks voice a fade up under a Mustang roar
sped off exhaling fumes of machismo
it's the passing of Sabbath
life is pretty much strangely perfect for now
as I bow out
slow footing into the headlights of the 64
exodus from one awakening to another
uptown to Bill's place the birth of black and brown
new sounds played a different way
snapshots of Sugar babes that speak easy
to please me with Baritone & Alto saxophones
brass snakes inurn snoot places to seduce, skip into spaces with erratic off time on purpose perfect syncopation
mending frantic improvisation with voluminous waves rolling through the underbelly of a torture soul
needing satisfaction
masturbating of bleeding life's helix tirades, censure & merciless weeding out blithsome pores
to one's mental symbol
to remember . . . autumn of life

"The Good Life"

© 2012 Lepadah

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