Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mind medley by Lepadah - Draft II

Mind medley by Lepadah - Draft II

A Mind Medley

Let his music play not yet; unless
freeing marred heart married comic roots; never rooted
plant his hefty contralto warbling melodic enter course ears to hear
groan,moan, howl intensity
groove move divas into danceteria red light district, red parrot's, Adam's red apple inferno confess flames float lifted carriages arm full steatopygia women cut loose bridle caboose raise her natural rhyme determine spirituals shouting souls of card counting Christians
flood rose land rhythm chronicles
dice/chip slam casino tables
able to express yourself let his music play deep dig the grind of sanctified organ keys knight in gal detail maroon mashing floor
swing swans definition Bearden "Black Odyssey"
strobe stencil experimental faddy webb wit trick those sticks clicking drum dribble wand diviner knot Mobley instead of Trane
same old thing
no more runs on familiar tracks
set "a caddy for daddy"
I like old things, seasoned & meaty things
intelligent, mystical rings
for bells to tell tales
warriors to shear those to hear the strip of gut strings to let the music play . . . on & on

© 2012 Lepadah


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