Sunday, March 17, 2013

A moment of silence...


As-Salāmu `Alaykum ... A moment of silence for painful times such as any mothers lost if child . Incomprehensible but yet I felt this pain but not by such execution and determined brutality towards our young black men in communities under siege by drugs, alcoholism , poverty, mental illness, single parent household ,dysfunctional educational system set up to Mis-education of our children thus people this is where the village comes to play to infiltrate the minds of our black children with our history from the very beginning mothers womb yes educating our fetus with Dr. Clarke,Dr. Welsing and gift them a copy to study The Mis-Education of The Negro by Carter G.Woodson. And continue to disseminate information and programs in our community to uplift our youth as stated by the beautiful young brother (Kimani Gray's relative) on wbls open line this morning. Yes brother you righteously slammed the accurate insight and knowledge on the air this morning "match set" directly to point. Ok I know there's a serious problem in our community and we must mend it NOW! The young brother is right where are the real mother fucking soldier's in the hood ready to handle and implement our own programs for the youth . I know brother Barron and Al Sharpton is committed to doing the damn job and yes standing front center with the rest of the black community . Brooklyn is brick and full of beautiful souls willing to fight intellectually and stand on the battlefield for justice. Reflecting on my own soon to be 16 year old I pray every single day when leaves my house he return safely having walked out into the world knowing one hundred you're being profiled because he is a black young man in America with added elements of peer pressure and just the obvious angst of being a youthful teen known fact rebellious by nature . The stop and frisk has to STOP! I'm not saying they're all angels none of us are. The best gift to a black boy is knowledge and our love . I have to admit I have his father to thank for being there and a whole community around him to  reverberate negativity he is bombarded with each day from the reality of racism yes that is a fact! Each day I'm bless and thankful to hear "good morning mom."  Ring bell for Bell, Kimani,Diallo,Grant,Graham,Martin... And countless others who have been murdered. Let the awakening begin family inshallah ...Peace , love and unity. 

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