Sunday, March 17, 2013

Soon to be sixteen...


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God's sons
my son, our son's 
Listen up young one
I'm trying to serve you some get right 
for you to be right

trying to keep you on track
Trying to keep you from slipping back 
into a shadow
holding pens, cell block 
jail house lock up 
trying to keep you off the block

intellectually feed you what it is you need
drink you're thirsty for the knowledge
thirsty for history 
you betta pray you make it thru without a felony 
remember you gets no favas on the inside

dismiss from your frame of street reference 
those rap videos of niggas so bold 
holding their jock straps down 
massaging their crown
forget that shit 
when just yesterday 
the same nigga was sucking house gang dick

you betta . . . figa that nigga son 
those booty bandits working on ripping your virginal asshole
wide open . . . split!
so the shit won't stick 
the whole pen tag you a new bitch

don't get it twisted 
yeah this shit is sadistic

you young brother's 
young son, man child, God's sons, son of ancient African Kings
son of Shaka, Aesop and 
son of abu, Ahmed, baba, Bilal, Elijah,

I'm tired of seeing God's sons held captive
we got to get proactive 
in a place where taggiing
fishing and bumping tits is the name of the game

and you're gonna to be down 
or be dead 
I'm trying to keep you from the box
a constant embryo position
goon squad demand complete submission

those ain't your daddies
listen up sons 
I'm trying to save you from buckets, the tombs, bullets
Police Brutality and prison warfare
Riker rope when there is no hope 
the criminal swag, pant sag 
hacks green light for new jacks
serial killers and psychopaths

listen up son . . . you do the math 
this is a billion dollar profit 
God's sons inside the super max

held captive labeled you a "Felon"
for the rest of your natural born life

listen up son I'm trying to gift you truth!

© 2012 Lepadah

For my Son ... Our sons.

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