Monday, April 26, 2010

Awkward moments and weekend in Williamsport, PA.

Everyone has an awkward goofy moment where you either fall up the subway steps or down depending on the law of gravity that day. In my case they sometimes come in spurts when I least expect it. At a broadway show looking cute up until the moment I almost fell or slid my way down the carpet steps, walking out the wrong door heading to the backstage. The time one contact seem to play havoc in your eyes forcing you either to pull the rewetting drops out of an overstuff Coach bag, pulling at my lid on a crowded train platform having to temporarily close one eye shut looking like popeye. My most awkward moment was this weekend. Traveled six hours to Williamsport, PA to spend quality time with a person of interest. So there I was in the hills of Pennsylvania thoughts of doing what grown folks do. Perfect right with a beautiful view of the mountains from our suite a warm candle (sweet pea) nice fragrance, food from the Olive Garden, nice bottle of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc yes! ready right. Wrong my stomach starts crumbling a sign of things to come I went to the restroom and there inside my panty liner the beginning the blood train my fucking period. Yuck, so there the paramount of an awkward moment. The night still perfect even though; finishing eating a great meal, conversation great, wine wonderful and the company so charming. Topped off with the viewing of the upcoming HBO fight Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley . All said and done another wonderful weekend get away with my quintessential man. Oh I did improvise by the way.


P.S. Keep it green the mountains were so lush and green absolutely beautiful.

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