Sunday, April 11, 2010

A New York Moment

Yesterday was a splendid Saturday. Check it out I felt like Henry in freaking Goodfellas with one exception I was not moving dope. Aboard the 64 to 71 Continental jumped the E train to WTC transfer to the Path train Jersey, Journal Square round trip back to WTC return to West 4th boarded Brooklyn bound F train to Jay Street. Sat at outdoor cafe viewing Brooklyn with a different eye. Waited for my ride ok he's here from PA drive around Fort Greene copped a couple of dvd's and books. The sun beaming notorious BIG playing on the car radio checking the gps a couple quick stops off to the Belt headed Eastern Long Island a visit about two hours. Back to Forest Hills for a midnight snack at the T-Bone wiping lips and a swig of muddy coffee up out the seats and back on the streets pass the billiards scoping a Village Voice awe got one the last. In the car drive down 68th Jewel sit outside for just a short minute off again to the Kew Motor Inn. Arrive fucking lovers night. We walk in surely suspect key to the lover's nest room oh shit I'm playing around on the bed looking up at the ceiling mirror. (laughing) Taking some snapshots just for the hell of it. Decided to get a little freaking ... tee hee I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Morning came shortly. Showered back to the parking lot inside the car. Breakfast local Deli on Union Turnpike coffee, rolls and the Daily News. Back to the car ride to Flushing Meadow pictures in the park conversation and back to the car again drive up to 68th drive. Bye Peace All in a New York moment.

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