Monday, November 1, 2010

A Beautiful Halloween Weekend In Baltimore

This past Halloween weekend was spent away from nyc. My son and I traveled to Baltimore, Md to spend some quality time with my daughter and his big sister. The departure was necessary so we packed a small grip bag along with his guitar , my lap top and off we went. A great beautiful weekend just eating good food my daughter and I favorite place. The famous Lexington Market. We enjoyed some freshly shucked clam's from Faidley Raw Bar and venture over to the other side for the world famous All Lump Crabcake , Cream of Crab soup and fried Flounder omg ... deeeelicious . My son opted out at the invitation by Lou to try a raw clam or oyster on the house. (hehe) We teased him about the "muskrat", "Rabbit" and "Racoon" specials. So his big sister treated him to hooter's a young boy paradise of lady art. Later that afternoon we walked around the Harbor shot some pics. The time priceless bonding together. I even finished up some editing, designing cover and other issues with my upcoming book. My children enjoyed Sunday Brunch of scrambled cheese eggs, turkey bacon, apple juice for Khalil and Mimosa for grown folks. I even fried chicken, baked mac and cheese, salad enjoying a lazy Sunday. The one thing I enjoyed was the walk alone to the coffee shop for a serious cup of French Vanilla coffee and listening to the church bells ringing. God so beautiful.

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