Monday, November 15, 2010

Sleeping With A Legend

Revealing his worth
rubbing the backside
of her high rise behind
just palms
entertaining journeys quiet snore

soon awaken by legend stepping stairs
coloratura a sweep ear
Wilson's "Danny Boy"
hands actuate down
between their appetite
a turn lovemaking

peaceful cries
kind prodding timidity
riding out together into a crab crawl
clench carriage

barely a respite
sweeten air resting
doff a moment
legend stroking this wanton woman

laid inside his journey
sogginess content
patting ripples of her damp hair

journey lip bumping his cross
tonguing away
hardness cutting a sliver of skin
for man to suck a bit drop of blood

now love ... we are united

© 2010 Lepadah


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Sleeping With A Legend

From: GuyBlakeKett (GuyBlakeKett)
Last Visit: 5:29 AM
To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 16 10 05:30 AM

sinuous & twisting. I like it.


From: dreambluestar (dreambluestar)

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 17 10 04:20 AM


this matches my mind's eye view of you...



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