Monday, February 28, 2011


Somewhere in Brooklyn
lives a woman
who loves a man
a breadth away
but not too far

a cyclic bohemian
stalks patterned duskiness
strapped saddle boots
steps willful
strong stride; high full thighs
his part of town

while mislay carelessness
somewhere in Brooklyn
a Dominican woman linger
unyielding aged guise
cleave her mans root abreast bosom
for this woman love carriage true

invested nights without knowing
castle her mans loyalty a keepsake
to foreign beauty

yet; an enigma invades
a bed entrusted
she is his gladiator
on this side of town...
where feet; gargoyle claw
hooking iron rods
rattle against freshly painted walls

crawling inside his ladylove
Cartier scent fuse
warmed mango bloom
vanquish the room

while somewhere in Brooklyn
a Dominican woman
chase premonition's
await phone whisper's
admission of allegiance
the satisfied call
quick click "goodbye"

and he continues...
angle pole prod
the surrogate cyclic bohemian
on this side of town...

© 2011 Lepadah


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