Friday, February 11, 2011

"Just Thinking About You" A Poem

Just Thinking About You (A Poem)

"I was just thinking about you"
cardinal phrase, a thought
something bought
fresh and oh so brand new
"I was just thinking about you"

the man I call "baby"
erstwhile lapse "daddy"
mid taffeta twinkle
"I love ... " oh no
"I meant ..."

unable to conceal
feelings a peel
"I meant; dig you baby"
"yeah, I dig you baby"
err up under your singing "Happy Feeling"

"huh! now how you go and do that?" he say
"ha, ha, my natured stumbler"
dragoon jaded trinkets
settled wee wrist

"right! ha, ha how you go and do that?" he say
admit the genius
shy ebon Queen
bedtime conversation of revolution
possibly our own
brave hearts fully grown

able vibes for Huey, Cleaver, Bunchy ...
Boondocks and The Roots
carry secret of Orishas
seasoned outer limits
sexually video taped
our escapades; there would be no escape

"you're down; all the way down?"
prepare to go forward
ideas singing new notes
vast voices

"so you said ... you love ... right!"
"now how you go and do that?" he say
indulge one need to appease; please
words that weep ... one unconscious

© 2011 Lepadah


Just Thinking About You ( A Poem )

From: SparkyDashforth (SparkyDashforth)

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Feb 23 11 03:36 PM
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This is a very original and cool write.

Great use of language.


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Just Thinking About You (Spoken Word)

From: GuyBlakeKett (GuyBlakeKett)

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Feb 26 11 08:21 AM
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great sense of hearing & hearing & hearing again "the spoken word" -- captures its insidious allure. enjoyed.


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Just Thinking About You (Spoken Word)

From: dreambluestar (dreambluestar)
Last Visit: 2:00 PM
Posts: 1793

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Mar 01 11 02:29 PM
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your poems are never ever boring...nor are they lightly surfaced...

as always they slow my reading so as not to miss a nuance...and I am challenged and with a angstrom of luck, I will learn something new


Male, 50, Detroit, MI
Posted February 24

i love the depth of your poems. and the flow. and the wit. and the knowledge purveyed.

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