Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letter From The Editor (Project 2012 Screenplay)

From: Larry Mayfield
Date: August 23, 2011 1:23:09 PM EDT
To: Lydia Percy
Subject: Re: concept outline
Reply-To: Larry Mayfield


Arden and I had a brainstorming session over coffee this morning. It pertains to the idea I presented to you about taking your poems and connecting them into some kind of creative writing. Imagine what I am about to present as a partial idea of which you should be able to steer in various directions.
1. My role. Undefined, but creative along with editing probably.
2. Your poems, from earliest days to present, and beyond, suggestively.
3. Bring all of your poems no matter what styate or what quality. Place each one on the floor. See if any of them become a category. I do not know the categories at this time. You will know the subject of each and can initially begin categorization. I will fill in with expansions as the categories progress. Some might be chronological, some might be state of mind, some of lovers, or specific family or job or...
4. The concept. From a writer's point of view--this allowing the subject matter to  be connected through the writer's eye, and this allowing no limits of subject matter. The subject matter. Projections as you ride the subway to and from work, each frame from the subway window, each frame locking in on what passes by for that instant, into your mind, jotted on paper, thus your life passing through various situations, allowing any subject to pass by and be captured. For depth, you work diligently, but your mind multitasks into your inner world of writing, flashing forward to the upcoming spoken word performance of a recently captured subway frame, then flashing to current, work, then back to a past representing...(several directions). Past, present, future.
5. Deeper we go, Philosophy. Illusion confronting reality. Inner being along with outer. The frames of the subway window. Imagine a films negative, reversal of black/white, and the opportunity to express something racial oriented here. Or maybe the narrative that connects each poem will represent depth of the inner person and be shown in a black and white film negative.
6. Ghost Writer. Possible title, or Ghost Rider. Or Passing Through. Something with duality. The inner writer, a film negative, outer in full color. Or the paradox (?) of YOU being your own ghost writer.
7. Lydia, connect with me on this one, expand, feel my thoughts, as if I am your inner ghost writer's ghost writer (by creative suggestion).
and, ok this one is a stretch, but because of some of your subject matter, let's consider how to get some of this material within (ghost rider). Could a person's inner being (black/white film negative representation) become their own ghost writer, and then that ghost writer have an outer influence that absorbed within the outer layer, exposing each person's inner ghost (writer) (ghost representing subliminal or philosophical dream world) -- two separate ghosts (inner being, etc) interacting into ghosts' inner level, ghost being an important term because of its ethereal connotation, then contrastingly darker, deeper (where darker can mean lighter in an "opposite" world) into what has no definites (ghosts negative becomes dark; race black and white might come to play). When within each ghosts inner level a juztoposition, a contrast that can be seen, but not exactly at the same time, or can it? As close as black and white can be without diluting into gray. Or exploring if gray can connect "opposites." Back and forth we go, or simultaneous, into each person's soul-psyche. Each molecule having a seemingly opposite counterpart, but only seemingly, seemingly as close as most can get, but for those special few within each person's life--a spiritual (?) connection can be attained through an undefined window.

Larry Mayfield

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