Monday, August 22, 2011


The shy boundaries of which to cross
where one surrenders
woke up to the lone woodpecker
pecking a distinct syncopation

morning feet plop
hands rub eyes
to witness Gods sunshine
daylight is present again

gathering dirty clothes
laundry, cleaning
soon savor of frying chicken
detect character
a child's grumbling tummy
mother ado over errands
and return to her kitchen

illumine candles of fresh Sake
Hibiscus luscious vines trailing Crisco oil
bubbling crisping pieces floured chicken
a sudden sunny moves into a Saturday night

kindly prod noon along
to the Incredible Bongo Band
clever nuances
she is a full melody moving
about space suited

proffer all that is possible
chance relying on destiny
and the soothing pecking of the pecker
during conscious twinkle

© 2011 Lepadah
All rights reserved

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