Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lepadah big kiss out to the universe


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  1. O.K., let's get to this,u got some other stuff and I'll get to that later, for now, those kisses, that u send out to the universe, oh, yeah, u know I got to git me some, haha, I love the fact that u think about the Universe first, that's the way it should be,
    But I'm only me,
    And I got to think about me u see...
    I got my lips pressed against the screen...
    U know what I mean,
    For all the Love to the Universe U give,
    I hope all them don't need your kisses to live,
    Cause they'll all be dead,
    'Less they can suck them kisses
    From the back of my head, Haaaaaaaaaaaa