Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Free Your Mind . . .and Your Ass Will Follow." a note from Lepadah

Truth a bitter reminder of our own vulnerability. To set aside one's bullshit and shed the superficial exterior and discover the trueness of soul. This is the beginning of truth you owe to yourself. I am on a self exploration of rebirth. Design for better person the intense blueprint towards holism involving every micro second, minute, hour, days, months and years. This is hard because we are programmed thru propaganda and lies since birth. Leaving one to sift thru life's quagmire often succumbing to unmitigated bullshit. Be true to thy self first. Let others know not only will you not tolerate your own shit but . . . you will not allowed their bullshit into your life. Try this and see how deep and righteous staying in peace and truth will make one a better person. Purification can be done if you allow the light to truly shine. This future axiom is thus difficult but I am allowing the vessel gifted one to housed it's delicate endeavor of ones
Peace Lepadah

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