Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Blood and Guts

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For blood and guts
of all mankind
the turning of time
payment of our sin

banish one without roof
forced into creation
a bother to a society
careless eviction of the unfruitful

a mouth dry with thirst and deathless famine
stomach extended to allow excess gas
water a wave around its emptiness
the smell of food sending one in search of trash cans
behind local bars

the summer reserve one a spot on the pier
a bench to view across the water
eye passing of a party boat
afloat full of musical laughter

happily ever after . . . is a wonder
unwrapping the aluminum foil from an egg
tucked away for a day like this
each peel became a firm moment
careful not to tear the egg as to lose any substance

Thought of not to gobble it down
for sake of not another would present itself too soon
awe the sweet watermelon air flavored with mango and peaches
send a heart reaching with an ache

even a dog eyes fail with need
true indeed
there are holes
at bottom of soles
prompt remove the cross leg
to hide the bottoms

even pain stands at chance inspiration
as giving that of hunger is a host
to profound thoughts
relevance of survival

for blood and guts
of all mankind
the turning of time
payment our debt
albatross for our sin

© 2012 Lepadah

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