Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sushi no Chopsticks (spoken word)

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A stroll thru Washington Square with the fellas
after dark
it's light enough to play a game of chess
dancers in flight
fight to compete with lighting bugs
flick of beatnik revisit

there's men in this life time
influence provocative thought
mind food and generous stimulation
sitting opposite such magnificent bards

composition a fit right neat
inside a village hub
conversation range from the three wise men add one more
now four

friend of noted musicians, artist alike
Brother's who decided to be black and stayed
those that walk in-between line
shading believing that it's okay to do their thing
as long as you talk about being black until five
you dig that jive
after five you cross section
into two different shades
two faced
shit! here I am waking the flock
we're on the clock
check the time
Miss Black America head wrapping
finger tapping, popping, toting emblems
of all that I am
all that am; all that I will ever be is Black
dress dashiki and the kink of natural hair
private talk with the fellas about Robeson, X X X X,
Mao, Mao
Soul on Ice and a women's perspective . . .

drinking white tea and eating sushi
with no chopsticks
hands fumble about the platter decorated assortment
preciously place

as the giant and foes wrecked the serenity of an artful display
slam dunk into soy sauce splattering splay
follow up slurps, burps and vulgar howls

pushed back easy on wooden legs
chary sticks into communal eating
one gentle of pearl salmon

her mates swallow no pride
achieve Japanese saki like water
the civility of sushi be posted
assured to be ignored

one can only imagine the giant bard who love the tales of pussy
is quite evident his skill at cunnilingus
is far from an elegant munching
and quite possibly suspect

her sneaky smirk
thought a flirt
mask her wicked notation of the bards.

© 2012 Lepadah

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