Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lepadah back draped in black dress and new head wrap


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  1. Hi Lydia, hope you're doing well, you're looking well, you are such a movie star, amoung all the other great things u are, hahaha, but anyway I just wanted to drop by and apologize for something I did the other day when you went to the blue note, I figured, why not sneak over Lep'a house while she's gone, and eat up her food, drink her liquor, use some of her oil, steal a few insence, what the hell, she don't never let me go to places with them, just because they're so high society, but anyway, I hate to admit it, but I was gonna do it Lep, before I saw that picture of you and your father, and that just got to me, and I couldn't do it, so in celebration of father's day, I will not get any crazier than that, have a great day.