Monday, March 14, 2011

Puzzle (A Poem)

Steel suitability
the liberated puzzle piece
neither rectangular, circle or triangle
geometrically wrong

never belonged
harken psalms
sung by you
urgency to collect parts
that of an ardent heart

invited solitaire
direction all points
sourcing new comfort

question ... "what bird flies the sky at night?"
one whose vision suffering myopia
allows night winds to hold its wings
guided instinct through shadows

"what bird is this?"
which allow her breast a spread
bruised by endless pain
to bravo many fail fall of flight

disturb flapping of native wings
breaking the timber thunderous sky
estranged madness
rustling a crowded nest
thrust her to flee

its episodic elements
rehearse the final flutter
question again ...
"now what bird flies the sky at night?"
no goat sucker ...
Yes! she is a whippoorwill
banish days; swallowing evenings

no longer conflicted
by the misfit
its awkward view
still climax a flight
far out of sight

© 2011 Lepadah

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