Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tavern (A Poem)

She photographed manikins
costume in gowns
pearl blues, opaque
Austin has caught her oracle

night roaming blocks
tavern complete
tinker bell barmaids
with pudgy Hungarian pitch
flit about press space

shouting men examine NCAA
chest tout universities
entertain milk dreams
guffaw at broken English

this is where everybody might know your name
or may not
each one figment of ones own imagination...

so there she sits
sipping another glass of wine
listening to liquid, liquid
lost in fermentation
dozy strobes emerald green

lighted man in black "dead poets"
pour me wine
brimming thin goblets
glass pipes; "get the doobie"

retire down spiral steps
to the next level
planet psychotropic trip

so sava over blowing blues harp
followiing "Like The Triplets From Belleville Rendez - Vous"
slaps back bodies to take note
his heptatonic scales
twist legs, tapping tootsies

bit spots Delphine Blue
attend to shocking
Red Parlour tattoo
till death do part

© 2011 Lepadah

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