Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye Lover (Spoken Word)

The obscure ticking of time
achieved behind bodies
amateurish contortionist

squandered an emotional basin
trounced by another

padding her pocketbook
one gold bracelet, an Afro Samurai dvd
biography of Elaine Brown
and ... that's about it!

looking around
standing bound by
a long sigh
several very deep, deep, deep hmm ...

the drinkable salute
no hard feelings
no regrets
just walk away with goodbye lover

from the melodies moonshine
the tender hands
it's grace; pleasant embrace
to be abandon

there would be no adventures
other than indoors
among themselves
no reservation at Iridium

no dancing at Roseland
Felix Hernandez rhythm review
or twirling within the majestic Cloisters
stitch walls of Unicorn tapestries
neither joviality of spring
or Sakura's debut

she will descend like the wind
from his life
from apartment 1B
sometime around three a.m.
entering a white Sedan

lost without words
deplete with no repeat
there would be no you , no I
no us because we never was

goodbye lover

© 2011 Lepadah

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