Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Name Calling (A Poem)

mistreated, abuse and used

patching up old wounds
shuffle, hustle buffoons
painted vignettes
apparatus of the cracker

we are the nigger, coon, spade, crow, darkie, eggplant, jungle bunny, Kunta, Lincoln's mistake, Lucius, Mandingo, Moolie, picker ninny, skillet, spook, brick, buck wheat
buckwheat a field where white girls sleep
bumper lips get them gals chasing the kiss
101 epithets

those crackers, peck of wood, honky, chalk and cake face
dirty words for every race
no name like "nigger" that shame

the world calling of the black race
scrawled across walls
sidewalks jewel avenue
youth of every color
try to deface, disgrace
lace with racial hate

can you relate
black people
are you still chasing ghost
spreading legs on them folks bed sheets

a repeat rape
this time consensual
ghetto gagging black sluts
Jersey boys branded with swastikas
holding her "favorite piece of fruit"

internet deluge
our sister females
bootie shaking
jumping around
down on the ground

clapping butt cheeks
world degradation
this is the new generation
bereft shame
bucks, bamboozled fame

housing sin
covering up who we are
i mean who are we really?
who are you; who am i
i go from black to black
all day long
facing the other side of midnight
just to get by

every morning
faking a smile
just to get by

the armor always color
brown, black all day long
i walk black
no acting black; i am black
motherfucking fuck black

get down, dance black
i am rhythm and blues
i am little walter harmonica screaming ...
at the world
i am a black woman
poor yes; confused never

those who try to define
are wasting time
trying to figure this black chameleon out

despise the lies
chiffon atonement to pacify
while some brothers and sisters
still searching for their ultimate dream
instead of realizing we are the kings and queens

for some brothers who thought the movement
was to move in with a white chick
black power!
for the sisters fixation
green eyes and "He gots good hair..."
black power to you!

© 2011 Lepadah

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    Black Name Calling (Spoken Word)


    From: justamere (justamere)
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    To: lepadahxxx
    Posted: Apr 11 11 08:04 PM
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    Reply to 56907.1

    It's all there
    laid out bare.

    Quite a speal
    the way you still feel?

    If so, sad
    very bad.

    Written well
    in true tell.


    From: SparkyDashforth (SparkyDashforth)
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    Integrity, honesty, courage, wisdom, kindness, respect, faith, a recognition
    of the dignity of core human values.
    None of these are just skin deep. None special to any one race.
    Every race has its racists, ignorance is multicolored.
    I am not sure how I feel about your poem Lepadah.
    Basically I'm just tired of hearing about this stuff,
    but maybe that's me being racist. I know one thing,
    its easy to blame every ill, misstep, wrong word, or point of view
    as racist. I am sick of race. What is a race after all?
    If tomorrow I found out that I was not (due to some clerical error)
    and Irish/Englishman, but the son of an Arab, would I change
    in any fundamental way? Cultures can be grafted on a person
    as easy as changing a style.

    Powerful poem. I like how you mix the insults up,
    painting us all black or all white, depending on
    which eyes we are looking through.

    It still needs to be said, but what a pity.