Friday, April 15, 2011

Silver Shoe Shine (A Poem)

Before work
after seven eleven hazelnut coffee
the subway ride to 23 Ely
thru the tunnel upstairs
spinning turnstile
pass token booth

whirling axis of revolving doors
ushering onto a polished black floor
like shiny patent leather shoes
carefully one steps

afore the escalator
and the silvery jingling ching a ling of bangles
a woman bobs up clearing glass egress
entree silver shoe repair

Fidel stretched hand swinging in the air
as though simulating tango moves
whisking her happily
onto naugahyde sovereignty
the proverbial arrival

readying her riding boots
leather balm first
swipe, swipe; wipe, wipe
bull it,whip and spit to beam

amuse mid men
cherish cigars
unfolded Wall Street Journal
sliding peeps over bifocals

unapologetic for her presence
shaded under the cover of "Revolutionary Suicide"
an ernest interest

upon departure
synchronize "have a nice day"
from gentlemen's survey
of the only woman at the silver shoe shine...

© 2011 Lepadah

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