Thursday, April 21, 2011

Under The Moon After Midnight

"Hey lady, wanna burn them?"
hot 97 playing "Want You"
a jest , so... "lets dip up out here"

his yellow Yankee fitted
slight turn to side
diamond stud in ear
proceeds with his jive

no more than twenty five
"sit them buns ere; up front near me"
preparing to burn
ripping tobacco from cigarette wrap
spilling onto a napkin

stocking natures plant
"alright there"
"you're a cop ma?"

puffing... nope
her smile delicate
full-dress with reservation
fuzzy shorn good common sense

in the dead night
atop the hood of an Infiniti
collecting count of graves
thoughts run; river endless
this could possibly be forever
if she wasn't so grown

hidden beneath the Birch tree
identified as woman weeds
with punctuated curves
fall out flowered hips twisted
rape by last year vulgar wind
disrobed, broken beauty; its limbs

mind reflection of the man
still in morning pajamas
recalling his routine verse "it is what it is"

it is what it is no contemplation
eyeballing the moon
drifting over their face
"yo! you feel that moon ma"

"yeah I am the moon"
"it is what it is" a repeat verse
stealing some medical smoke
from the youthful enthusiast
total fascination
after his lost love

she could not help him, heal his heart
or indulge curiosity
so a gentle kiss to the cheek
is all one could offer

she remained
standing in the drizzly rain
headlights fading across feet
Gaye playing the piano in Belgium
suddenly the world is good again
smiling at the aftermath "it is what is..."

© 2011 Lepadah

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Under The Moon After Midnight

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