Monday, April 4, 2011

Occult Suspension (A Poem)

Last night
like every night
I searched for you
patulous verge

delving altering levels
I searched for you
in dreams that seem real
so real I could feel
feel you...

liberate earthly flesh
disciple Mami Wata
running through the maze
dank caves

thru mushy swamps
deep holes no bottom
falling off cliffs
letting go ...

I searched all night
there were no days
dark with no light
still you were not there...

splitting the earth
into three quarters, quarter, half
still you were not there...
fought Abaia, Dilong
machete severed heads
searching their cavities

for you... God
gleaning incubus
refuse to be sacred
a dream revisit nightly

uncovering your hiding
deep inside the subconscious
still you were not there...
until the night; I returned to the light
finding you at the altar
now we are here...

© 2011 Lepadah

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