Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Check the GOP before they check YOU!


I am certainly not surprised by such attempts from the GOP . They're grasping at at straws to legitimize a stance for upcoming election after President Barack Obama term has ended. Thus amalgamate they're acrimony that is inbred . I hope we as a people don't sleep through these attempts at re justifyArticle I, Section. 2 [Slaves count as 3/5 persons] forwhich to deny african american equal opportunity as per voting and such absolute so be our constitution. We must assume responsibility for ourselves. Nothing or any other being can deter us but us to blame if we sit back allowing the GOP assholes and the Supreme Court to mandate such absurdty. It is time… as per Reverend Al Sharpton "to look in the mirror at ourselves." Time to re- adjust our thinking by mandatory steps for a brave scheme dedicate posture for our own leadership so as not to be held captive repeated rhetoric of the past. Last night I pulled out several books which I use as reference for such occassion. Pouring through dog ear pages of Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) following up with the Denmark Vessey "The Buried Story of America's Slave Rebellion and the Man who led it and my badly torn book by Leon Higginbotham Jr. Shades of Freedom. I can't thank you for the return to crucial thought in critical times that will if allowed hard ones ahead to complex to deal with. I can reference the situation at present in Far Rockaways namely the City Housing Projects which after Sandy have been enduring an American crisis through red lining, political footsie and trickery with relief funds allocated for the Hurricane Sandy victims as per Katrina. I only hope to remain steadfast helping along with others to disseminate important information into the community . It takes a village everyone! I beg of you all to wake up now don't let the GOP catch you asleep. While they perpetuate racism in back room political orgies trying to revise the 13th amendment with slick twist with a brand nu vernacular. WAKE UP!!!

Turn the music off and listen to they're song…it will lull you forever.
"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which you yourself have altered."
Nelson Mandela


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