Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lenox Lounge ...three hot spots uptown last night.


As-Salāmu `Alaykum good people.  Blessing out to the all and peace to the New Year! Alright uptown Harlem celebration and a sad farewell to the Historical Lenox Lounge where dreams came true, writers wrote, jazz was phenomenal , gangsters hustled and played were movies once made, politics discussed. Yes as the cars pull up, balloons brought in, photographers , reporters onlookers watched as the lights lit the street for last time. Tonight-musician, singers paid Tribute tradition and a fabulous Harlem way as only they can.  I ate my last meal which simply Swedish meatballs,chicken , mac & cheese with side piece cornbread. That was the only thing being served last night. Upon leaving I danced my way out a smooth hustle they referred to him Diamond dealer ... And off with my entourage headed to Poet Abiodun Oyewole party was going down even though he was away in Senegal but night continue to a super bad party which featured live performance supreme I might add by the wonder herself Cynthia Scott who turned the joint out with along with  Lady Cantrese  with blazing band full of noted musicians, guest were treated to wonderful food and drinks ... The spacious apartment overlooking the city was packed. My evening was jazz heaven to say the least. Some pics and clips of the events will be posted later peace and be bless . 

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