Sunday, January 20, 2013

Declaration dance confirmed nuptial...


There was blue skies first hello's, hugs and long goodbyes joyful moments full if happy tears for a memory that will last for years. After mama of bride that be me hit the dance floor with Quae swift turns, low drops two times the evening was set, match and completely done for this one ... The music mixologist hit Frank Sinatra , Ray Charles, a little Dean breaking out the father daughter dance to Bob Marley which warmed the room to Awe and oh... I must say that mama Lydia affectionately called by her son-in-law was a buzz and request for James Brown lol of course the newlyweds got things started after the nuptial dancing to Stevie Wonder's "Signed,sealed, delivered I'm yours" this had the wedding party and guest to their feet ... Yes indeed deed and no diggity . Peace and blessing to the spirited twain . Mama Lydia kiss kiss ... This picture is a declaration . One love

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