Sunday, January 6, 2013

Synopsis on Django

Synopsis on Django years of painful wounds unhealed. Exposé the diabolical mentality of slave owners who psychohistory of degradation, physical torture only an animalistic individuals, beastly barbarian could contrive such brutal reign thus as a review of roots and now Quentin Tarantino brilliant conceptualist portrayal in Django how very clever to present the unflinching  character of django united with a German bounty hunter who thus despised the warped at time inarticulate yawns and guffaws of half wits, pompous plantation owners who knowledge I cringed in my seat at wounds still open even in dramatic parody untwined truth and historical validity.  My joints jump at the word nigger ... Flinched witnessing good old uncle tom crying over his dead master and would turn his own mammy in if she was part of an uprise. Yes just in days of Nat Turner we have amongst us the slave mind a whisper rat unable to be a man. Mentality tied to his oppressor through years of massive and meticulous brainwashing. Those marks will never be erase.  Speak for history. After the lynchings, rapes,killings if Spike would like to project and pontificate on Mr . Quentin Tarantino
movie so be Mr. Lee I'll await your next film with anticipation . A true wonder of Lee was his film Bamboozled love it. Just like Django a edge of the seat western full of emotional reality done only in a QT presentation splendidly so . I must say the woman seated next to me cried throughout the movie so he did what a good movie is suppose make you feel... Peace be one ... 


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