Thursday, February 28, 2013

Assemblyman Hikind simpleminded fool!


As-Salāmu `Alaykum Black America ... Red light, green light one,two,three may I proceed ? When will we learn that Jewish America, white America will maintained and perpetuate their racist views which are thoroughly ingrained into their medulla  so after reading several articles on Hymie (offensive ...yes )Hikind's insensitive portrayal , depiction if "Blackface" excusing it as a celebrated gag for Purim and offering an less luster apology . May he be delivered from ignorance .Found to be blatant as stated in this week Amsterdam article by Herb Boyd once again stapling the Truth reinforced by historical facts on  the deplorable nature and origin of blackface which the stupid Assemblyman should have avail himself before embarking on his quest to show undoubtedly simpleminded ;  ultimately his true feeling about Black America as stated Jewish America and I stress "Jewish " they're not white! Ok may I proceed indeed would have protested and called for the resignation of anyone of our Black leaders if they had the audacity to offend their culture, religion or thus resurrect painful and historical memories of the holocaust right! So how dare they knowingly beset  arrogant attitude think we should laugh this buffoonery off I don't think so... I hope no mother fuckers are offended by these comments and don't care if they are. Let me say a call for bitch ass miseducated teacher of  P.S. 59 in Manhattan should resign from her position as educator and study the real history of slavery before posing and thus implementing such outrageous arithmetic questions an offensive and insensitive misjudgment on her bitch ass behalf . Once again that would never have happened and even presented to Jewish or white America and thus a mandate needs to be implemented for educators to know historical facts and sensitivity course for Black students especially . I must make a plea to our young Black men pull up those fucking  breeches UP! ,study your history . To our beautiful young sisters respect yourselves too. I'm boiling this morning . So continue your day in peace I'm ending this love inshallah . Ps ... Forgive for better use of words I broke out expletive ... One

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